Saturday, February 23, 2002

THE PRICE OF ARROGANCE - Daniel Pearl was a Jew and his father was a Jew. Them wuz supposedly his last words before he was decapitated by Islamic militants in front of a video camera.

Daniel Pearl was also a complete idiot, a man so filled with the peculiar, insufferable arrogance that the Jews call chutzpah that he walked into the very heartland of Islamic fundamentalism and sneeringly demanded that these people sit down and break bread with him, a member of the race with so much Muslim blood on their hands, and tell him all their secrets so that he could publish them in the Wall Street Journal, one of the prime organs of the world capitalist order that has committed mass murder of Muslims on a regular basis ever since they reneged on Lawrence of Arabia's promises at Versailles in 1919.

Not too surprisingly, the victims of Jewish murder and tyranny were amazed yet delighted at the chance to avenge the children dead from Israeli tank shells and American bombs in Afghanistan. They grabbed Pearl and cut his head off.

What in God's name was the little fool thinking? What the hell did he think would happen? Was he really so utterly divorced from reality that he thought these men whose land and religion have been so brutally defiled by America and the Jews would bow down and grovel at his feet? It's hard enough to get these yellow baby-killing dogs of the New World Order, either Jewish or American, to come down out of the sky where they hide, get them to come out from their tanks and shed their cowardly body armor. The American forces in Afghanistan are all hunkered down behind armor, earthhworks, every type of protection lest they come face to face with men from the land they have bombed and whose families they have butchered. A soft target like Daniel Pearl must have seemed like a gift from Allah.

Primitive chaps that they are, the Muslims didn't understand that the life of a New York Jew is supposed to be so much more precious than the life of an Afghan child burned alive in his bed by American napalm or a woman who dies in childbirth at an Israeli checkpoint.

Come to think of it, I've never been able to see any particular reason either why the Jewish people should not be held responsible for the pain and the suffering they have inflicted on the world. I've never been able to grok precisely why the Jewish people should be immune from any consequences whatsoever for their behavior.

There is a price to be paid for murder. There is a price to be paid for over half a century of unspeakable cruelty to a proud and warlike people. There is a price to be paid for hubris, for overweening pride and arrogance. Daniel Pearl has paid that price, and some day the Jews will be forced to cough up the rest of their long and terrible tab.

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