Friday, February 22, 2002

ADOLF HITLER, PROPHET OF HONOUR - On April 20th we celebrate the birth of the greatest man of all time: Adolf Hitler. We celebrate his unique Triumph of the Will - his creation of a noble, idealistic movement and his achievement in leading that movement to victory against a powerful, evil enemy, using only his own personal character. For it was only through his own will, his own courage, his own nobility and his idealism that he - an unknown but honourable person - succeeded, against all the odds.

We celebrate the values which he upheld and which he himself, every day of his life, lived by - the Aryan values of honour, loyalty and duty to the folk. Above all, we remember him on this special day as the champion, the prophet, of the Aryan idealism which is personal honour.

For it was Adolf Hitler, and Adolf Hitler alone, who has made us aware of what is valuable and important about our own lives: it was he, and he alone, who showed us the way we can and must live if we are to fulfil the destiny which we, as Aryans, have. It was Adolf Hitler, and Adolf Hitler alone, who for the first time made conscious what it means to be Aryan. His own life is an example to us all of what it means to be Aryan.

So it is that we shall gather on this special day and remember and celebrate the goodness, the nobility, the courage which Adolf Hitler possessed and which he was a shining example of. Thus shall our dishonourable, evil enemies wail, curse and gnash their teeth as we, the followers of Adolf Hitler, gather once again worldwide- be it in small groups, in large groups, in private, in public, or as individuals - to honour the greatest man of all time.

With every passing year our numbers grow as we keep alive and spread among our people the truth about Adolf Hitler and his idealistic and Aryan movement. So it is that this year, as in the years gone by, we shall raise our right arms in our Aryan salute and shout our immortal battle cry:Heil Hitler!

-David Myatt

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