Monday, February 11, 2002

ORWELLIAN FEEDBACK - "Dear Harold: Now that you ask, I kinda like the old name. Believe me, I have no objection to any literary allusion, partcularly to Orwell (BTW "Orwell, The Wintry Conscience of a Generation" by Jeffrey Meyers [Jew] is a recent good biography of the man).

On the other hand, the Covington name does have a certain cachet among the RCC and that's probably the best reason for keeping it.

Ken Schmidt


Dear Harold,

While the theme of 1984 is relevant, your former nom de guerre is hardly appropriate for a man who exhorts us, "Never give up!" And are you, Sir, going to be broken in Room 101? No!

Are you familiar with Dawkins' Viruses of the Mind? Or O'leary's 8 winner and 8 loser scripts? Well, even the most determined of us have psychological imprints from our experience - so we should be careful which imprints we choose. Or portray. Orwell's choice of Winston's fate was brave...but Winston was, in the end, overwhelmed by Big Brother. He wasn't victorious. I should be wary of using the name of someone who didn't win.

It's time there was a sequel to 1984. But with a new and stronger hero who conquers the mindfuckers, not a literary alignment with one of the victims.

Kind regards,
Andrew McLellan


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