Monday, May 28, 2018

Tweetstorm From April 18th 2018

Okay, regarding the Jason Kessler tweet, having taken a long, deep breath: Until such time as we have the physical courage, the competence, and the strength of our convictions to deal with the turds in bipedal form who are so evilly oppressing us and trying to kill us all we need to avoid them. Given our bizarre masochistic pathology that seems to eat humiliation like candy, we need to provide them as few opportunities to humiliate us in public as we can. 

I know that White people, especially White males born after about 1975, are damaged goods. They are warped from birth through social engineering and due to toxic environmental factors such as the crapulous and chemical-laced American diet of processed Soylent Beige.  

More and more, they were raised in single parent households by women, with absent fathers who had been driven from the home by the bitch they married. They were never drafted and compelled to learn and accept military discipline. They have never been compelled to grow up. 

They never underwent the traditional instruction in simple physical violence that little boys had for millennia. They were never spanked, and mostly never had to use their fists or a hand-held rock on the playground when they were little boys.
So they learned to flee from bullies rather than confront them, or worse, go running to tell the teacher, which is basically what the alt.right is doing now, sniffling and whining to teacher to make the bad boys leave us alone.

The problem is that the bad boys and girls are the teacher's pets, spawn of the same satanic vortex that produced Jews, buggery, Joseph Stalin, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton. For us to run to the law and authority asking for protection and fair play is unspeakably shameful. 

I get that most of you don't understand that. You have no idea on earth what I'm even talking about, do you?

Of course it's stupid and crazy of me to ask you to take personal risks that might actually cause you real-world difficulties, for something that the overwhelming majority of us consider no more than a mildly amusing hobby at best. WTF is this old fool talking about?
Doesn't he know dat Whiteboys' don' roll dat way no more? [Sigh ...] 

Anyway, in the name of whatever vestigial shreds of pride and honor you may retain, is it really asking too much for you to at least not bawl like babies and go running to the teacher every time one of the bad boys or evil little girls throws a rock at you or pulls your hair? 

Okay, I can sense your eyes glazing over, so I'll let you get back to your play now. [Sigh ...]

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