Thursday, May 17, 2018

Excerpt From Northwest Front Organizational Letter 2-15-2018

[I normally don't do this, but I have been urged to take the Great Project more public in the hope of gaining more widespread support. The problem, as always, is our unpleasant neighbors listening in over the back fence, so I have to be very, very selective in the sections I publish here. - HAC]

As I mentioned in an e-mail recently, after a lot of thought and careful examination of the realities of our situation, I have a plan to implement the Great Project. Well, kinda-sorta. It’s not a perfect plan, and it has a number of drawbacks, but barring a lottery win or some guys in ski masks dumping $300,000 from an armored car heist on my desk, √° la William Pierce, it's probably the best we'll be able to do. Yeah, I know, damning with faint praise. What can I tell you?

This plan is in fact do-able, given concrete and material assistance from serious, committed adults. It can be accomplished with the people we have now, plus hopefully a few more whom I can inveigle in off Twitter and Gab. It’s feasible if I can get you guys to respond in any degree bearing some proportional relationship to your actual capacity to do so.

Problem number one: we will still have to raise a sum of start-up working capital. No way around that, I’m afraid. I’ve been looking for some kind of work-around, fast shuffle or razzle-dazzle and tap dance to finesse the sitch, but I’m sorry, there’s no other way. We have to come up with at least some of the real deal, rolls of Ben Franklins I can riffle under certain people’s noses to make them forget things about my quirky past and unquantifiable present income.

We’re trying to do something that is done by American families and businesses every day, so it’s not like we’re trying to lobby Congress to get a permit for a nuclear reactor. We don't need much money to get this thing going, at least not in the context of most property deals—-but that comparatively little, we gotta have.

This will be hard when our wee little Movement's donor base is presently pissing away our paltry financial resources up against a hundred walls, in order basically to throw tips to internet entertainers like drunks stuffing fives and tens into the g-strings of strippers.

“We” (generic term) are supporting Jewish YouTubers; girl YouTubers with problematic pasts and bad things that keep turning up on their old social media; anim√© cartoon Twitter celebs whom no one has the slightest idea who TF they are; tiki torch fetishists; LARPers who run up six-figure legal bills over stupid little scuffles in public. Our precious life’s blood is being used to buy Lamborghinis for lawyers, because some cyberceleb wanted to have some cool video to upload, and so he expended young White lives to get it.

I've mentioned before that this kind of carry-on is why much of the so-called, largely misnamed "in-fighting" occurs in the Movement—-we are animals snarling and clawing over our share of the life-giving green water from a tiny, trickling stream. One of the main reasons why Party professionalization is so vitally necessary is to try to consolidate the White nationalist donor base to a level where it might actually do some good.

I won't explain the 10 X 1000 again, except to say that A) It would solve our financial problems and serve as the foundation for the creation of a new, sovereign White nation on earth, and B) I can't persuade you guys to do it. But somehow we have to. It’s called “crowdfunding” these days. As always, the question is not whether we can do this. Most assuredly, we can. The question is will we do it?

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