Thursday, March 01, 2018

We Hit The Crystal Ball Again

 [Excerpted from NF Bulletin #14, March 2018]

I’m going to give you a rundown on some of the possible things we may be facing in the near and mid-term future, meaning any time from tomorrow to about ten years from now. Bear in mind that all of these scenarios need to be examined in the light of two possible internal developments within the Party and the White nationalist movement in general: either A) we finally get our act together; or B) we don’t. In order to begin making at least some eleventh-hour effort to start getting our act together, we need to exert some serious, thoughtful effort to predict what we will be dealing with. I need to begin with the whole ongoing Trump situation, because right now that is what is obsessing Team Soros to the point of gibbering.

I. The Fate of the Trumpeldor

It turns out that the leitmotif of this century-old crisis of civilization, as it heads toward its ultimate implosion, is one none of us ever expected. We thought that movie would be either 1984 or Mad Max. Instead, it’s looking like Jerry Springer.

Ever since I can remember, many kosher conservatives always had this pipe dream about how all our problems would be solved if we could just get a “good man” elected president. Well, that didn’t happen. We didn’t get a good man elected president, but we did get an interesting one. It says something that 14 months into his administration, I’m still not certain whether Donald Trump is an evil genius or an incredibly lucky buffoon, but it doesn’t really matter. What he is, is a genuine outsider, and the corrupt and senile established order is tearing itself apart trying to get rid of him. That titanic struggle of the Swamp to vomit forth the vile interloper and sink back into its accustomed state of odoriferous ooze will be the theme of the next several years.

First, I need to clarify completely my attitude toward Donald Trump. I’ve done this before, but like so much, it seems to need spaced repetition. Yes, I’m well aware that he is not and has never been one of us. I knew this, and said so repeatedly during the 2016 election. You may recall one of my first comments about him: “I’d like to see a lot more Huey Long there and a lot less P.T. Barnum.” That still holds true. Yes, I’m acutely aware of his many, many defects as a man and as a leader, not the least being his fawning subservience to the Jews and their shitty little country on the Mediterranean. For the first time in history there are Jews actually living in the White House as family members; that rumbling sound you hear is George Washington and Andrew Jackson turning over in their graves.

Yes, I’m aware of Trump’s partiality for the absolute worst elements in the conservative movement and the alt.right, including one of his former staff advisors who really did claim to be “one of us” and who was a former Pentagon spook and Goldman Sachs investment banker, for God’s sake! Yes, I’m aware Trump sometimes shows signs suspiciously like dementia in his tweets. Yes, I’m aware he is a sociopath who is quite capable of starting a nuclear war just to piss off the New York Times, a motivation I can relate to, but since I live in Seattle, which might get a North Korean nuke dropped on it if the fat boy in Pyongyang can get any of his toys to work, I admit the possibility does make me a bit twitchy. And yes, I am aware that even on his best days, Donald Trump is not part of the solution, at least not long term. He has bought us a breather, but it’s a breather we will probably pay for in blood one day in the not too distant future, possibly in a literal sense. When Team Soros in the form of the Democratic party finally overthrow him and once again seize back the power, their wrath against anyone who so much as posted a politically incorrect tweet during these years will be terrible and their vengeance maniacal.

All that having been said, I must once again remind you of what this deeply flawed and possibly barking mad man saved us from. I don’t think there can be any question that if the Hildebeest had been installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for eight years, this country and possibly all that remains of Western culture and society would not have survived in any recognizable form. If the Clintons had won, that election would have been our last, in any meaningful or traditional sense. The Slow Coming Dark would have arrived.

Eight more years of—them—would have destroyed us; the border which Obama abolished with a stroke of his pen would have remained non-existent, and by ’24 the entire North American continent would be overrun with foreigners who would have been given the vote, along with the convicted criminals Florida is now trying to enfranchise. A one-party state similar to that of the PRI in Mexico would have been established. On November 8th, 2016, for the first time since 1945, Donald J. Trump actually rolled back the Slow Coming Dark, if only for a few years. Whatever colossal fuckup he may make in the future, let that wonderful moment when we watched the smirk wiped off Rachel Maddow’s face be forever remembered. That one night alone, in my opinion, has earned Donald Trump a resting place in a marble tomb with an eternal flame, after the bastards murder him. As they most likely will.

II. The Frenzy of the Beast

One need only read a few selected left-loon websites like Salon, Huffington Post, Slate and the Daily Beast to observe that Team Soros seems to have completely gone off the deep end. Trump’s very existence is a living insult to their monstrous egos, a mockery of their arrogant sense of privilege and entitlement, a cosmic middle finger extended under their elevated noses, a slap right in the face to their ingrained and never-until-now challenged, automatic assumption of their own moral superiority over the rest of us pale-skinned peasantry. They cannot let his election stand.

Their hatred for Donald Trump has long since passed all bounds of proportion or sanity; when one reads these columns of theirs, all you hear is one gigantic scream of hatred. “Kill him! Kill him! Oh, won’t someone besides me please kill him?” There is no doubt in my mind that the left-loons of the media—all the media, from Salon to MSNBC—are practicing what is known as “stochastic terrorism,” i.e. deliberately attempting to incite one or more of the many weak-minded, confused, and unstable people on the internet to murder the President of the United States and take the resulting lifetime in prison or the poison needle in his veins, while the internet pundit from Salon who spurred him on high-fives his or her colleagues and hits the fern bar, or goes home to heat up some microwave quiche and open a bottle of Chardonnay.

So far it hasn’t worked, although there appear to have been several half-assed assassination plots which were intercepted by the Secret Service or Trump’s private bodyguards. These included one especially interesting incident, where a former spook who was listed as dead turned up on an elevator in Trump Tower carrying a silenced and untraceable pistol. (That one disappeared off the radar in a hurry.)

Early on in Trump’s presidency I noted Soron’s frantic, hysterical determination to “fix the mistake of November 8th” (their words) i.e. make sure Trump does not complete his allotted four-year term, thus thwarting the will of the people and letting everybody know who’s still boss.  I pointed out they had two ways to do this: A) Kill him; B) Use the law to stage a quasi-legal coup d’état using either impeachment or the 25th Amendment.

This they are attempting to do via the glaringly politicized and corrupt Special Counsel investigation of Robert Mueller, but Mueller may not be able to fabricate any actual evidence that the president has snow on his boots. In any case, anything that came from the Mueller dog and pony show would have to wait until after the November mid-terms and a hypothetical, by-no-means-certain Democrat victory so that a Democrat-controlled House would vote articles of impeachment and a Democrat-controlled Senate, acting as jury in Trump’s trial, would vote to convict. It is highly doubtful that either chamber will lose its Republican majority, never mind both. But then there is also the possibility of Republican treachery from the McCains and Grahams and Ryans and McConnells and other RINOs, which is an imponderable.

Finally, there’s a possible variation on the theme, murder by stealth. There have been rumors floating around the internet—which are worth just that, rumors floating around the internet, no more no less—that Trump is being slowly poisoned by someone close to him, which accounts for some of his erratic behavior. A “natural” death would sure as hell solve a lot of problems for these reptiles. I know, it all sounds a little too ancient Rome or Renaissance Italy for today’s ambience, but when the wealth and power of a long-established political, cultural, and economic establishment is threatened, human beings down through history tend to react in pretty much the same ways to preserve that wealth and power.

III. How We Roll

So how does the Northwest independence movement roll during this time period, the few years (or maybe months) of breathing space we have remaining while Trump is in office, before his likely disappearance from the scene in a blaze of GUBU? Before all of a sudden we’re looking at some high-yellow or hate-maddened bitch like Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren crouched behind the desk in the Oval Office? (The Democratic machine appears absolutely determined to run a woman candidate in 2020 and doesn’t even seem to be considering any men at all.] 

1. Professionalize, professionalize, professionalize! I still don’t know how we’re going to do it, sans money and Class-A bodies physically here in the Northwest Homeland, but it has to be done. Either you guys have to come up with said pictures of Ben Franklin and said Class A’s, mature and serious adults fully committed to the creation of a new nation, or else we’re going to have to come up with a hell of work-around. 

If we can establish PPP (Permanent Physical Presence) with actual human beings instead of electronics, and use the internet to break out of our present bubble (my Twitter has been stuck on around 1600 followers for some months now), then we’ll have a chance. It is important not only to “red-pill” people with the Northwest Imperative and get them to Come Home, but we have to give them something to do when they get here. That can’t just be to sit up here in the Northwest and play on the internet like they could have done back in Milwaukee or Atlanta. We have to use the internet to let people know that we are here and what we believe, what solutions we have. But we can’t just ask them to move everything they have here and find nothing but a few old guys sitting in ratty tenement apartments. We have to be able to show them something when they get here.

I can still do that, but I need money and I need bodies. The cavalry really, really needs to come over the hill soon.

2. Build Trouble Trios. Every one of you reading this, whether in the Homeland or not, should concentrate on creating your own Trouble Trio (reference The Brigade), small affinity groups of serious, adult, committed White men and possibly a few extraordinary women. Affinity groups who live within half an hour’s drive of each other and who interface with one another on a regular basis in the real world, not on the internet.

3. Quietly accumulate legal firearms. Yes, that will give you some idea of just how serious I am. I have never been a Movement gun nut, and I have always avoided all the wild-eyed gun talk because of the attention it draws from bad people in authority and strange people in our own ranks. I also genuinely believed for many years that actual serious tactical discussion of firearms was premature. No more.

4) In the name of God, start planning your Homecoming! It is no coincidence that I recently chose Chapter V from Freedom’s Sons to read on Radio Free Northwest. Plan your migration to the Pacific Northwest now, and do it while you still can by driving down interstate highways and staying in warm motel beds every night and set up some kind of home and job and life to come to when you get here. Or else you may well have to do it like the Horakovas. 

5. Understand what it is we have to do. We have this ridiculous idea that winning an argument on the internet is the same as winning a revolution and securing the existence of our people and a future for White children. It is not.

In the first place, it's impossible to win an argument on the internet, because our enemies remain standing and keep on coming back, vomiting their crap all over us no matter what. It just goes on and on, world without end, while our situation out in the real world grows ever more dire. We have in fact already won the argument many times over, because we are right. Now the time has come to reap the fruits of that victory. We must compel these howling dogs to shut the fuck up and remain quiet, permanently. 

We really, really, really need to get this thing of ours off electronic screens and back into the real world. I say again, professionalize! That’s the first step toward taking this whole thing of ours back into the real world where real things happen. This is not The Matrix and we need to stop twisting and squirming and seeking some way to avoid the fact that some people are going to be hurt, and some of them will be us.

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