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The article below is a typical example of the kind of defeatist despair which, more than any other factor, endangers the survival of our race. It is also a good example of what Jost Turner referred to as "problem orientation"; in other words, we spend our time and effort constantly stating and re-stating THE PROBLEM rather than trying to solve it. The answer is yes, Virginia, there IS a place for Whites to go. I've just gone there. - HAC



How High-Culture Civilizations are Destroyed

Civilizations begin as racially-, religiously-, culturally- and linguistically-connected people, working together to build and retain their race and culture.

If you study the history of white tribes in Britain and Europe, you'll discover how America came to be--and why race (genetic heritage) is so vitally important to building and keeping civilization.

Culture is a genetic manifestation of the heritable characteristics in a gene pool (of racial and/or interracial ethnic groups).

In other words, black Africans could not build Japanese culture, and Japanese Asians could not build African culture. Their differences in heritable character, temperament, intelligence (and even physical traits) make it impossible, as they are evolutionarily disparate races, which fact is why liberals' "pluralism" and "tolerance" effect a divide-and-conquer consequence in white Western democracies; terms used to trick you into accepting open-borders immigration of diverse races.

For any mongrelist, racial and/or sex differences impede Utopia. How?:

If there are heritable differences which make certain gene pools incompatible, then Marxists' socialist Utopia is impossible to effect. So the importance of interracial genetic differences -- of heritable differences between races -- must be forcefully denied.

Note: Mongrelists believe that race doesn't matter (generally, they believe it doesn't matter who produces offspring with whom).

So if men and women are heritably different regarding certain human drives, then men and women are inherently u-n-e-q-u-a-l.

Marxists' Utopia is premised on effecting near-perfect equality by shedding capitalism's meritocratic competitions and the nuclear family's anti-collective influences.

There has been a massive propaganda push this century by leftists (by progressive Jews, secular humanists, and liberal Christians) to deny any heritable differences between the races, between the cultures that races build, and between men and women.

Leftists argue that there is about .01 genetic difference between the races, and that that relates only to physical differences. Well, the sun doesn't rise and set each day and bears don't doo-doo in the woods if you believe that. The differences are large, stark and deadly!

Whites' Ready-Made Civilization

Have you noticed that people of color are fleeing their homelands (or planning to flee) to any white Western democracy, particularly America or Canada?

There's a ready-made, high-culture civilization in white Western democracies -- so why would a person of color try building high-culture in his/her own country?

Unfortunately for white civil societies, the invaders (legal and illegal) destroy what they seek because they bring with them what they flee from: heritable low-culture proclivities.

Where Can Whites Go To Be With Their Own Race?

A recent Census Bureau report on Maryland's demographics shows a decline of whites there but a rise of black, Asian and Hispanic populations ("Black Population posts fast growth," September 4th, Metropolitan section of The Washington Times).

Whites still flee this Marxist government's forced integration of minorities into white communities.

Maryland Department of Planning economist Mark Goldstein sees the steady flow of minorities into the state as part of a growing trend in America: "migration from bigger cities and suburban areas in search of a better quality of life," which drives whites out of their communities.

Read my essay, "Playing Marxists' Bet-Your-Life Lotto in America." It explains the cycle of whites' high-culture communities picking up roots in certain parts of America to flee incoming, low-culture people of color, then picking up and moving again to escape liberals' continuing forced integration.

Soon there'll be no place for whites to go and find other whites with which to carrying forward the unique gene pool that conceived and built the greatest civilization in history.

Marxist Social Engineers Destroy Whites' Civilization

We're witnessing how past civilizations were destroyed:

the importation of diverse races and cultures lacking the heritable wherewithal to carry on what the PROGENITOR white race and culture conceived and built.

In the past, such destruction of high-culture civilization was effected by invading barbarians.

Today, our elite politicians on both the left (one-world Utopians hoping to build a mongrelized collective of workers for the State) and right (greedy capitalists hungry for low-wage workers and more consumers to heat up the economy for profits) are simply importing tribes from around the world; tribes which otherwise might have raised armies to take what they could not conceive and build.

And white males appear too feminized to save their gene pool and culture from genocide and culturicide.

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