Tuesday, June 11, 2002


Racial Comrades:

Yesterday I forwarded to you an article from Edgar Steele's Conspiracy Pen Pals e-list entitled "A Government Of Men." As always with Ed, it was a very well written and concisely formulated analysis of one aspect of the overall problem our race and our civilization faces today, i.e. the fact that the legal and Constitutional norms which have governed our society for two hundred years are now null and void, and the United States has become an arbitrary government of individual bureaucrats, criminals and incompetents. It was very well stated.

With the greatest of personal and political respect to Edgar Steele, therein lies the difficulty. Mr. Steele has aptly and articulately STATED THE PROBLEM. But beyond a few vague and obscure references to "restoring the Constitution", he made no suggestions whatsoever as to exactly how we go about SOLVING that problem. In his article there is not an inkling as to how we go about "restoring the Constitution" or just how the hell we are supposed to do anything else about the fact that we are ruled by criminals and fools.

This is the essence of the American Right. This is what we have been doing for the past 57 years. Time and time again, over and over and over, in untold numbers of newspapers and pamphlets and cow pasture rallies and now on the Internet, we state and re-state THE PROBLEM in a hundred different ways and from every possible angle.

But that is ALL we do...constantly state and re-state and re-formulate and re-analyze and reiterate THE PROBLEM. This isn't original with me; Jost Turner identified this "problem orientation" weakness of ours back in the 1980s.

I have been involved in "this thing of ours", for 34 years now, since I was 14 years of age. During that time I can count on the fingers of one hand the times that I have heard anyone other than myself suggest any kind of practical solution to the crisis of civilization that we face, the looming genocide of our race. By that I mean a program of action which was based on something other than the endless generation of WORDS.

Is this because there is no solution to our problem? No. There is a solution, and we all know it.

That solution is very simple, ancient, and effective. The government and the people who are doing all of this to us must be REMOVED from power. Not un-elected and replaced with a different set of droids in three-piece suits, but REMOVED, physically, like you move a piece of furniture from point A to point B. These people must be moved from the corridors of power to the gallows. (Or possibly the guillotine. Yes, I could go for a guillotine, with Sarah Weaver and Debbie Matthews sitting by and knitting.)

The men and women who are responsible for inflicting war, oppression, depravity, injustice and horror on the White people of America must be physically dragged out of their offices by White men with weapons in their hands, and they must be punished for what they have done.

To borrow a phrase from Iz-ra-hell, the entire "terrorist infrastructure" of the current United States government must be dismantled and replaced with a republican form of government of, by, and for the people of European descent who created America and to whom the North American continent rightfully belongs. I would prefer that such a government be based on the principles of National Socialism, but frankly right now I don't care. The long-term implications of allowing the present power structure to remain in place are so appalling that just about anything White would be an improvement.

Hell, if we can produce another man of the stature of Commander Rockwell, let's crown him King. Napoleon may have been dragged into a series of pointless wars by the outraged Powers That Be (like his 20th-century successor in Germany) but his legal and political and social reforms survive in France to this day. A White Napoleon is better than Hillary Clinton any day.

All of our other problems will be solved through the physical removal of the present power structure, and none of them will be solved without it.

We KNOW this.

Every man (and the few women) reading these lines KNOWS this.

But we don't DO it. In fact, the likelihood of our attempting such a thing in my lifetime is so slim that I'm not particularly worried about writing or publishing these words despite the draconian government measures of the past nine months. I'm simply writing science fiction here, and the FBI and whoever the hell else is monitoring me know it.

Why don't we do it? I am tempted to state flat out that it's plain old common or garden variety cowardice, that we are not White, we're yellow. And there is a good deal of truth in that. But it's also due to physical and moral LAZINESS of various kinds.

We have become too lazy to bestir ourselves in much of anything, never mind revolution. We have become too mentally lazy to think, hence our desire for a Man On A White Horse to take our membership dues and do our thinking for us. (I was speaking earlier of a true Napoleon, by the by, not a Man On A White Horse, if you follow the difference.) We have become too spiritually lazy to make moral and ethical judgements on the behavior of others, hence the endless shades of apathetic gray wherein frolic Chrome-Dome and The Great Man Himself.

Not that there's much risk of a Napoleon, at least not coming from us. We seem to have become incapable of generating any bona fide leadership from within our Racially Conscious Community. The National Alliance is a silly joke at best and its leader is a long-term Federal asset. Everybody knows it, and no one cares. The one serious attempt in the past decade to replace the NA with a bona fide revolutionary leadership on a national level failed, due to nothing so much as sheer lack of interest.

There is only one solution. White people should have had their own version of the Provisional I.R.A. in this country starting in the late 1950s. All of us know this perfectly well. But we preferred the television, the air conditioner, the foaming can of beer from the cooler, and the mesmerizing spectacle of niggers chasing a ball. It's now the 21st century and the bill is coming due, as Edgar Steele found out a few weeks ago when the Christines were dragged away into living hell by the government we have allowed to assume power over our lives. And we ain't seen nothing yet...wait until 2004 when Hillary plunks her liposucted buttocks back down in the Oval Office.

Okay, so what DO we do? Right now, the only two things we can feasibly implement given the human material we have to work with.

1) Do what I have just done, and Come Home. You know my reasoning behind that and I won't digress on that topic here.

2) REMOVE THE TABOO on speaking aloud what we all know to be the truth. Look, you guys know that I am not very big on verbalization replacing action. But in this case we need to at least get to Square One, and speaking aloud a truth we have all been hitherto afraid to utter is a definite Square One from which we can begin.

Historically speaking, the physical courage to act is always preceded by the moral courage to speak. Before George Washington came Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine. Neither I nor anyone else expects the middle-aged men with big bellies who comprise the overwhelming majority of all right-wing and racial nationalist mailing lists to do any storming of the barricades any time soon. We have failed in our duty there, but we can at least prepare the next generation. With any luck, they will re-discover the testicles that we seem to have mislaid somewhere among the beer and the nachos.

Harold A. Covington

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