Saturday, June 15, 2002


Tonight I got an e-mail of a kind I stil get periodically, extolling the alleged virtues of the National Alliance cult on the grounds that they are "at least doing something."

The "something" that the individual who sent me the e-mail refers to is a series of minuscule demonstrations consisting of (charitably) a maximum of 60 people and (probably more accurately) about 25 people at a time, all of whom must be driven in to York, Pennsylvania or Washington DC from at least five surrounding states. There are the usual scuffles with Reds; as usual the White demonstrators are vastly outnumbered and must be protected from severe beatings by large numbers of police, thus projecting an image of contemptible weakness. These activities generate little if any publicity and their effect on the national discourse or on government policy is zero.

We will leave aside all of the various unsavory incidents and the large accumulation of evidence suggesting that William Pierce has, to use a Clintonian phrase, "an inappropriate relationship" with Federal law enforcement. The National Alliance has been in existence for 32 years now, and THIS is the best Pierce can do?

We MUST conduct a thorough and comprehensive re-think of our entire strategic approach. We simply DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to waste any more on this kind of pointless, wasteful, counterproductive, and demoralizing nonsense. We simply do not have the time any more to waste on William Pierce and his ilk. The very survival of our race and civilization depends on this.

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