Sunday, June 16, 2002


Dear Comrade Covington:

I agree unreservedly with your thoughts on the need for action, rather than words, to do something about our situation.

To digress, if anyone can tell me how to circumvent the hurdles that have been placed in the way of educated white professionals who want to get into the USA? I would be grateful. I am a senior journalist, but because I am white, intelligent and productive I cannot get into the USA. My chances would be better if I painted myself and my family brown and we swam the Rio Grande.

The staff at the US consulate in the city where I live made it clear (by quoting the book of rules to which they are bound) that there was no way that my blonde children and I could get into the USA, unless I had millions of dollars and undertook to start a business and employ a certain number of US citizens. Racial quotas would, of course, apply to those who were employed.

Back to the main point.

The need for direct action has been apparent since the beginning of this century.The problem is that our people have been brainwashed into thinking that night is day and day is night. They perceive friends as enemies and truth to be a despicable lie. They have brainwashed our people to the point that our people are now active participants in their own extermination.

The concept of a white homeland (shades of South Africa) is appealing, but whenever I think of it I also remember what happened at Waco (amongst other incidents). Direct armed action is needed, because we cannot match Jewish money power or media power.We cannot, however, match the firepower of the armed forces that the Jews control through their control of governments.

The greatest tragedy of that situation would be that the white soldiers whom we would face in the field would be the very people we were trying to save. As one who has been trained in military tactics (former officer of 2/14 Light Horse, Australian Army) I agree with Comrade Covington that a white people's equivalent of the Provisional IRA is the only option.

Tactical appreciation involves a simple formula. It is: specify the goal; assess the situation; take inventory of the resources on hand; devise every conceivable way to achieve the goal; then pick the plan that (on logic) is most likely to succeed. In this case, a head-on confrontation with the armed forces of any nation (let alone those of the USA) would result in our brief, but glorious, defeat and extermination. Our race has already played out Gotterdamerung once this century (Berlin, 1945). I cannot see any profit in doing it again.

Educating the masses to the point that a large number of them will see
the truth and be motivated enough to get off their obese arses and man the
barricades has been tried. It failed. The Jewish system will also
assassinate any leader who is charismatic enough to appear likely to succeed
at such an endeavour. I cite the fate of G. L. Rockwell to support my

The situation is this: we want to seize power, but military action cannot work, the ballot box cannot work and we have been locked out of the courts. There remain only two options. We can lay down and die, or we can explore the terrorist option. I do not suggest an Osama Bin Laden option. Rather, I suggest what I call the Oswald Option. Armed action . . . yes . . . but only against specific targets. These would be the race traitors, the Jews themselves and the various subhumans who assist them. If the politicians got the message that anyone who spoke or voted against the interests of white people would be assassinated, they would pull their cowardly heads in.

Of course, there would also be an unprecedented persecution of our people and many of us would die. This, I believe, is a small price to pay. Unless we act in a grand and decisive way we will all suffer a greater death through the process of mongrelisation that is already underway. To put this in a way that the most simple minded will understand: unless you want your grand daughter to f**k a nigger and push out his dirty little nigger babies, you had better get off your arse today and be prepared to make whatever sacrifice is necessary for the greater good of our race.

Sitting in darkened rooms writing emails to each other (in between visiting the porn sites that make up 60% plus of Internet traffic) about how terrible the situation is will not solve anything. We need to be careful to distinguish between activity and progress. Today there is a great deal of Internet activity, but nothing (to the best of my knowledge) is being done to advance the cause of white people. People who wish to salve their consciences, because they do not want to face the fact that they are too cowardly to actually do any work or take a risk, will work themselves into a frenzy by the light of their Asian-made computer monitors. These people are drones in the hive and security risks, because they will spill their guts the moment that an FBI squad kicks in their door.

What we need are people who are prepared to take risks, make the big decisions and be the sort of hard-hearted logic-driven cold bastards who fight and win wars. We need an elite who are prepared to form an underground of white patriots who will kill and are willing to die for our race. Passion, however, is not enough. We need people who are trained and disciplined. Those who were involved in the white race's version of the IRA would have to be few in number, highly trained and so committed to the cause that they would commit suicide to avoid capture. These people would have to have military training (preferably as snipers and in deep-penetration reconnaissance); be educated in police forensic and investigation techniques; and the techniques of the various government intelligence agencies around the world.

Such a group would have to maintain absolute secrecy and be ruthless in the way that it dealt with breaches in secrecy. The group would have to be formed into cells in which nobody knew the identity of anyone other than the members of their own cell. Communication of all forms would have to be encrypted in a way that was unbreakable. That is possible, but I will not go into that here (for an obvious reason).

By the selective application of force, according to a plan orchestrated by a central leadership, it may be possible to bring down our enemies and halt the destruction of our race. If our enemies have been given 30.06 lobotomies it will not be difficult to reverse the process of decay. Our enemies are ruthless, but they are also cowards and they are unable to appreciate the self-evident logic of their situation, which is that they are a parasite that is determined to destroy the host. If they succeed in the destruction of our race (their host), they will also be destroyed because the mongrelised retards who remain will be unable to sustain the infrastructure of the civilisation upon which they (the Jewish parasite) depend for their survival and prosperity.

I am amazed that a race as cunning and clever as the Jews has not realised this self-evident truth. Therefore, as well as a plan of action to stop the destruction of our race, we must also have a plan to replace the current order with a new order. This new order must not be a democracy. Democracy is the election of the corrupt and unprincipled by the incompetent and unworthy. I propose a one-party totalitarian state of National Socialists. If we allow democracy to remain it will leave an open door for the cancer of Judaism to reinfect white civilisation.

- howlingdog

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