Sunday, June 09, 2002


It is vitally necessary that the entire world community come together and exert every possible effort to halt the impending nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan and defuse the Kashmir situation in order to make sure that such a nuclear exchange never takes place.


Simple. Because if there is a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, there will inevitably be refugees, millions and millions of mud-colored refugees, many of them with radiation-related wounds and illnesses.

And guess where all those refugees will be clamoring to come?

When that happens, as sure as God made little green apples, the liberal establishment in this country presided over by Hillary Clinton and the news media will set up a mighty drumbeat to bring them here. "Oh, boo hoo hoo, the poor little refugees, America and Canada cannot possibly turn our backs on these poor suffering people, we must be kind and noble and bring them here and give them all our motels and convenience stores and let them bathe their suppurating radiation burns with taxpayer dollars and draw welfare checks, oh no we cannot be cruel and mean racists we must must absolutely must bring them all here to the United States and Canada, all 20 or 30 million of them...of course, the fact that these poor refugees will be so grateful that they will vote Democratic all their lives and ensure perpetual power for the Democratic party has nothing whatsoever to do with this fine altruistic plan...Heaven forbid..."

Remember "Citizenship USA" in 1996? When the Clintonistas naturalized illegal aliens by the tens and hundreds of thousands, filling whole stadiums with mud-colored "new Americans" for mass swearing-ins, with convenient voter registration tables right out on the fifty yard line to make sure all those newly-minted "Americans" could show their gratitude in time for the November election?

Hillary Clinton means to have the White House in 2004 and she doesn't particularly care whether or not she turns America into the Camp of the Saints to do it.

Plus there is the fact that the detonation of an unknown number of nuclear warheads, even half way around the world, will create atmospheric and environmental problems that will blow over onto us. I have no moral objection, in principle, to wogs incinerating one another. But there doesn't seem to be any way for that to happen in this case without our getting dragged into it in some way.


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