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Covington On McVeigh (2002)

Hi, guys. I got an e-mail query giving me a long spritz on the "true facts" (supposedly) of Oklahoma City and how Timothy McVeigh is a bona fide and glorious Aryan hero. I am going to try like the devil to keep reposting of my old material to a minumum, but the following is my official "canned answer" to the McVeigh question.

Regarding Timothy McVeigh, here is my position:

1. We know a few details, but in the overall sense, we do not know what happened in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995. We therefore need to be extremely cautious in our approach to those events.

2. There was a John Doe Number Two. So many people saw him, and their accounts have been so widely reported in the regular media, that I believe we can accept this as a given. My personal opinion is that there were several other "John Does" involved and that Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols were, if anything, peripheral players.

3. The existence of John Doe Number Two is being deliberately covered up by the federal government. That, I think, is pretty clear.

4. The only reason why the existence of John Doe Number Two would be covered up by the government is because John Doe Number Two was either a federal agent or more likely a Federal "asset", i.e. a free lance spy and provocateur. If such a man existed who was a genuine Constitutionalist or racial nationalist of any kind, and he had participated in the blowing up of a major government installation, then the FBI and Justice Department would be tearing this whole country apart brick by brick looking for him. Or to take another example, suppose there really is something to this "Aryan Revolutionary Army" red herring? These men are already in prison serving time for bank robbery. Handy and easy fall guys. Do you think the government would hesitate to pin OKC on them as well if it were feasible? Instead, after the first week or so John Doe #2 simply vanshed from the official and media radar screen.

5. The inescapable conclusion from #4 above is that the Oklahoma City bombing was a federal sting operation of some kind, orchestrated by federal agents or asserts, with Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols set up to take the fall.

6. The only known connection of Timothy McVeigh to any racial nationalist or right wing group is his connection from around 1991 onward with the National Alliance of Dr. William L. Pierce. This connection consists of:

A) McVeigh's purchase of large bulk orders of The Turner Diaries for sale at gun shows, the book then being only available from Hillsboro. Somewhere there must exist documentary evidence of McVeigh's correspondence with Hillsboro, if only book orders. McVeigh was at one stage driving around the country with hundreds of copies in his trunk and back seat; he must have been one of Pierce's best customers. This documentation was presumably among the briefcase full of material removed by the FBI, by helicopter, from the Hillsboro compound on or about April 23, 1995.

B) The presence of Timothy McVeigh at a National Alliance meeting in Las Vegas in February of 1995 where he was seen in the company of a man holding national office in the NA.

C) The blatantly obvious patterning of the bomb attack after one of the scenes in The Turner Diaries.

D) The distribution of National Alliance literature and more Turner Diaries by McVeigh to a number of his post-military co-workers at Burns Security and elsewhere, as reported in "American Terrorist".

E) A new and tantalizing connection revealed in the book American Terrorist which states that McVeigh joined a "White supremacist organization headquartered in North Carolina" when he was at Fort Bragg and distributed copies of a publication called The White Patriot. This was the publication of Glenn Miller's highly infiltrated White Patriot Party, which had extensive cells at Bragg and the Marine base in Jacksonville.

If McVeigh was involved with the remnants of the WPP at Bragg then it is entirely possible he met the man known as Mr. X at this time, since X first made his appearance in the WPP around 1986 and maintains extensive personal contact with former WPP personnel. Unfortunately, American Terrorist is extremely skimpy on details of this association and is maddeningly vague about the time frame in which it took place. By the time McVeigh joined the military the WPP had imploded and only fragments remained. It does say that McVeigh maintained contact with the "White supremacist group in North Carolina" after he left the military and was working for Burns Security.

7. All of the above information has been forcibly suppressed by the government.

Two witnesses who saw McVeigh at the NA meeting in Las Vegas were arrested by Denver police at McVeigh's trial, held incommunicado, threatened and forcibly "deported" back to Arizona. The former Arizona NA state organizer of that time has fled into hiding and no one has seen or heard from him to this day, after receiving unspecified threats and intimidation he would not describe further to me.

A connection between McVeigh and a "White supremacist group" would have been invaluable ammunition for the prosecution at his trial, and yet the whole NA aspect has been air-brushed out of the picture except by a few media people. Dr. Pierce was not called to testify at the trial by either side and according to himself [Pierce] he was never even questioned or approached by the FBI, which in view of the atmosphere of anti-White hysteria prevailing at the time is simply incredible. (For the record, Pierce denies that the alleged FBI helicopter visit of April 23 took place. The NA has such a history of pathological lying that anything they say is worthless. The one man who was willing to speak of this, who was present at the cult's compound when the FBI whirlybird landed, has since disappeared, apparently gone into hiding in sheer terror.)

8. The attempt to construct an official alternate conspiracy theory by the mysterious "free lance reporter" using the name "J. D. Cash" is completely and utterly bogus and without a grain of truth to it. Sometimes called the Strassmeir Scenario, the general effect of this taradiddle is to point inquiring minds at politically acceptable "neo-Nazis" and away from Washington and above all away from Hillsboro. I know Dennis Mahon personally, I have discussed this with him, and I do not believe he would ever get involved in anything this hare-brained. The poor man has been driven nearly up the wall with seven years of merciless persecution by the media over nothing. He tells me that BATF informant Carol Howe's brain was so fried with drugs and psychiatric medications she would have accused him of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and you will recall that she was evaluated by both sides at McVeigh's trial and considered too flakey to testify. The Strassmeir Scenario is horse shit.

9. Repeated efforts to create a "Middle East connection" to OKC are equally bogus and probably Israeli Mossad disinformation in an attempt to blame the bombing on Arabs. [NB. This was written prior to 9/11. - HAC]

10. Finally - let us assume for the sake of argument that Timothy McVeigh was exactly what he has been portrayed to be, a lone individual who decided to avenge the butchery at Waco. Regardless of his motives, because of what he did, "our" cause, and by extension virtually every idea to the right of center in this country for the next fifty years, is now irrevocably associated in the public mind with the killing of children. I find it very difficult to believe, given the apparently careful planning, that whoever was in charge was unaware of the fact that there was a day care center in the Alfred Murrah Building.

Timothy McVeigh's epitaph is---and must remain---five simple words.


Someday, maybe we will. But for now I recommend that we quietly shelve McVeigh and concentrate on obtaining state power for ourselves in our own country in the Pacific Northwest. If McVeigh is genuinely "one of ours", then that is the best way to honor his memory.


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