Wednesday, June 19, 2002


Fatso Sharon announces that from now on he will re-impose piecemeal occupation of Palestinian land for every bomb that goes off in Iz-ra-hell. Within hours, the Palestinians call his bluff by splattering more kosher ass over a bus stop in Jerusalem tonight.

These brave and hardy people of Palestine simply will not be defeated! Bravo and a hearty Allaha Akbar to them! They have won the admiration of the world with their steadfast refusal to live on their knees before their Jewish oppressors and occupiers.

A message to those thieving Jews who dared to lay their claw-like hands on a land that does not belong to them and to brutalize and humiliate a valiant and noble people: pack your bags and get out, kikes!

But then I believe you've heard that tune before. And something tells me you'll hear it again, one day in my own homeland.

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