Saturday, June 22, 2002


Dear HC,

Best wishes to you on this heroic anniversary. The gutless, ineffective Republican Party failed miserably to impeach FDR for his many attempts to provoke war and his many violations of the Neutrality Act. FDR poured two billion dollars in secret illegal aid to the Soviet Union prior to Pearl Harbor (which of course was the result of an ultimatum FDR sent Japan in November 1941 demanding that they withdraw from China). FDR threatened to cut off American oil from Japan, which constituted 80 percent of their oil supply. Our recent presidents have waged wars all around the Third World over 1 or 2 percent of our oil supply being threatened. If we are justified in declaring war over oil, then Japan would have to be justified as well.

Future historians will look back with horror at the abject failure to do anything about Communism and the failure to educate people about Jewish control of Communism and the Jewish mass murders of Christian Europeans.


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