Thursday, June 01, 2017

Why Are There No Visible Results?

[From Radio Free Northwest, June 1st 2017]

I get this same question at least once a week, not just heckles from trolls but from genuinely concerned and saddened White people. Why so little visible progress? Where are the long torchlight parades, or failing that why can’t the NF at least do the Richard Spencer trick and get 45 guys together in the dark with torches so it looks cool when we upload it to YouTube and Twitter?

Why is Harold Covington not all over cable news every night debating with Rachel Maddow and Chris Mathews and Megyn Kelly and shutting them all down with his brilliance? Why is there so little feelgood factor associated with the NF? Why so few bells and whistles? Why so little in the cakes and ale department? When is Harold going to quit screwing around, draw his saber and yell Chaaaarge!?

These are not just troll insults, they are perfectly legitimate concerns from serious and worried comrades. Americans are basically consumers, and right now they’re not happy with the product. I am not offering excuses, but if ever you feel like hearing them, there are explanations, if you understand the difference. One of the most important of those explanations I am forbidden to mention by a federal court order, but I have already spoken on here about some of the other factors involved.

Yes, Virginia, there are in fact valid and complex reasons why the Party is not in a better position than it’s in right now. I could sit here and spend the next hour going over those reasons, but my purpose is not to respond to Andy’s question but to supplement and emphasize the question itself, if you get what I’m saying.

I can tell you in words of one syllable why there is no visible progress, why we seem to have just stalled at a certain level and can go no further. I’ve done it before and I will now do so yet again. This whole theme is capable of infinite exposition from now until the cows come home, but this is it: the bare bones. The Cliff Notes version, which I hope will spur a higher quality of response to Andy’s question.

I have said before, I say again, so please listen and internalize. Now that the old Constitutional electoral system, legal system, and liberal democracy have become completely corrupt and ineffectual, there are two ways of acquiring power and bringing about change in a society as decayed as ours. Those two ways are money, and the gun. 

We lack both the physical courage and the organizational competence to use the gun effectively. We have what I suppose might be called our version of suicide bombers, consisting of mentally and emotionally unbalanced Whiteboys who hear voices in their heads and who occasionally go on shooting and stabbing sprees, killing some nobodies and inflicting no serious damage on the enemy. 

It’s true that Dylann Roof bagged some nigger state senator who was a middling-sized wheel with the South Carolina Democrats, but to be honest I think that was more accident than anything else, a case of a blind squirrel finding an acorn. That kind of thing is not armed resistance, it is a hissy fit on the part of a butt-hurt overgrown child. Don’t do it.

Lacking as we do the physical courage and the organizational competence to use the gun or the bomb in Provisional I.R.A. manner, we must fall back on money if we want to get anything done. The degree to which we really do want to get something done is debatable and part of the problem, actually, but we won’t get into that now. This is Cliff Notes.

The Party has no money. For many years now, a lot of what I do has been done in order to work around, disguise, or compensate for the fact that the Party has no money. There has been a lot of razzle-dazzle and bells and whistles and Harold turning back flips and running around in a clown suit with a red rubber nose to distract from the fact that the Party has no money. You saw an example of that just now, when I was reduced to broadcasting a foul-mouthed nigger comedian on this show to get everybody laughing so they wouldn’t ask what the hell I’m actually doing about all this horror, when I can do nothing without money.

There is in fact a detailed plan for the Party’s growth into an actual revolutionary movement. That plan is described in the fifth edition of the Party’s manual, the White Book. I have passed out hundreds and possibly thousands of copies of that book since it was published in 2014. I have never once gotten any serious comments or reaction to that manual’s contents; everyone just assumes it’s another bit of razzle-dazzle Harold passes out to work around the fact that we have no money.

It is not. The plan is serious. Most of you are not. Most of you regard my novels, the Northwest Front, and everything the entire White Nationalist movement does as a hobby, as a form of entertainment. 

It is a form of entertainment to you because you simply do not believe. I could probably count on my fingers and toes the number of people listening to this who actually believe that any change is possible. We do not believe because we have had American exceptionalism hard-wired into our very brains from birth: the false and unreasonable conviction that of all earthly nations down through history, America alone is eternal and immortal and will never, ever change.

Many years ago, a Japanese political scientist named Francis Fukuyama wrote an essay entitled The End of History in which he advanced that claim, that Western-style liberal democracy and American-style neoliberalism in particular are eternal and immortal and have replaced all other forms of social contract. The vast majority of you listening to this have bought into that, even though you may not be aware of the fact, and basically that’s why there is no visible progress. All the other reasons spring from the fact that no one is taking us seriously, because no one believes.

The Party has all we need to move forward. We’ve got a handbook, a draft constitution, a Party program, a couple of websites, five swashbuckling novels, a podcast, a new flag and all kinds of purty picters on the internet. What we do not have is money and human bodies. 

Even now, at my age and with my medical issues, if the resources I need were suddenly to fall from the sky tomorrow, I myself could give "all this" another shot. I’m hanging around in the hopes that will happen. If it does not, then it will be left to Andy and his generation to take up my legacy and see if they can find the balls and the brains and the hardness of mind and soul that my generation lost somewhere in the mall or dropped off the roller coaster at Six Flags.

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Anonymous said...

If your thesis is correct, the appropriate response would seem to be "then stop talking to us and start talking to people with money - make THEM believers".

Personally, I don't believe change of the system is realistic 3 generations after brainwashing (i.e. culturing the consumer) became ubiquitous, but more than that, because there is something within folks that predisposes us to the condition. Instead of change, I look to history and find flight to be the time-tested solution, time and again. We simply leave, and it falls apart around those who stay, and evolution happens. We go to a new place, rebuild civilization, and hopefully, if we have ingrained it into our tradition deeply enough, our descendants don't allow it to get to this place again (although history would suggest that they too will eventually fail). This is who we are.

Furthermore, when considering the gun, there is entirely a case to be made for politics by other means. Does a lone gunman, good or not, have any lasting and positive effects for the movement? Probably not, but 3 or 4 people conducting coordinated cyber warfare and intelligence gathering missions? Small cells doing surgical strikes when opportunities arise? Either one could actually be the "one to go first" to others...but you're correct about courage. Wars not sprees, and in war, deciding to use the weapon that the enemy invented and perfected may not be the choice most likely to succeed.

It only takes 500 individuals to preserve a species' gene pool.