Tuesday, June 20, 2017

LARPing Versus Street Action

Just FTR: let me explain the difference between actual revolutionary street action and what is going on today.

What is going on today bears almost no resemblance to the National Socialist kampzeit in Germany or the Bolsheviks storming the Winter Palace in 1917, as both sides pretend to believe. It is a form of LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) peculiar to America in the 21st century ---a WWE-type performance or display of street theater, the purpose of which is not to make a political point or achieve a political objective, but to record the participants and upload the videos to YouTube, and hopefully thereby make individuals famous and generate an income through monetizing said videos. 

"Based Stick Man" Kyle Chapman (actually a Jew married to an Asian woman) is a good example, along with Jewish exhibitionist Laura Loomer, both of whom now have extensive Twitter fan clubs for acting like pro wrestlers in public in a political context. (It must be born in mind that the so-called alt.right is riddled with Jews, homosexuals, and mostly male mudsharks.)

This kind of LARPing always takes place in the presence of large numbers of police, who maintain effective control of the scene and who make sure no one plays too rough and actually gets hurt. No serious assault on the police or actual state authority ever takes place, other than occasional left-wing spoiled brats calling themselves "antifas" who throw bags of urine or poke at police horses with sticks. These are promptly dragged away to jail, kicking and screaming like toddlers having a tantrum because they don't want to go down for their nap. Later they are fined and quietly released.

If either side were serious about "all this" they would make sure to confront one another in localities as far from interfering police as possible, and above all they would be packing guns and wiring up the Semtex in the best Belfast manner. You know, like White boys do when they're for real. The police would be carrying away dead bodies and not spoiled, kicking and screaming little middle-class White girls who think they're La Pasionaria.

You need to understand that none of this is real. Not yet. It is all still PLAY, which given the fact that most Amurrican Whiteboys never grow up and most Amurrican White girls never get the chance to, is not surprising.

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