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Learning The Lessons of Waco - May 1993

There is a certain level of atrocity beyond which it is impossible adequately to express one’s anger and loathing and contempt for the perpetrators. Waco crosses that boundary, so I will not attempt any further discussion of the moral dimension. Instead I will offer what amounts to a military analysis of the incident, which can be instructive. 

After the Weaver murders last year, no further proofs are necessary that the Zionist entity in Washington is depraved beyond redemption. From this point on, political debate in the Movement must concentrate on how to bring it down as expeditiously as possible.

Three points stand out clearly in the Waco siege story:

1. When confronted with determined, armed resistance, the federal government will back off. Not back down, but back off. In Operation Desert Slaughter, on Ruby Ridge, in the waffling over intervention in Bosnia, we can see a recurrent pattern, something Saddam Hussein understood clearly and which we need to assimilate. The United States government cannot take casualties among its’ hirelings, and will go to almost any length to avoid them.

This has nothing to do with any reluctance on the part of our Lords and Masters to shed blood. Washington shed the blood of Vicki Weaver and the children of Waco and the infants of Iraq without hesitation when it was expedient, and because they knew they could do so without punishment.

But Washington understands that these gun thugs in the BATF and FBI are nothing but high-tech mercenaries, serving the régime for fat paychecks and for a range of benefits such as full medical coverage and generous pensions, benefits which are growing ever more unattainable for average folks, in an American economy rapidly regressing towards a labor-exploitative, raw 19th century robber-baron capitalism.

These mercenaries want to be alive to enjoy that monthly salary check, that affluent lifestyle, and that comfortable retirement. They are extremely reluctant to go the extra mile for their paymasters when that extra mile might get them killed. A few more Ruby Ridges and Wacos, and despite the good money the Federal government is going to experience difficulty in hiring gun hands.

The throne of ZOG is a lot shakier than we often realize, and bringing it down would require a lot less forceful a push than we generally imagine. Let’s remember that. If I live into the post-revolutionary era, as I hope I will, I expect that one of the comments I will hear most often from veteran revolutionaries as we sit around the fire at night swapping reminiscences will be, “You know, we never realized just how easy it would be when the time finally came, how quickly the power structure would fall.”

Washington knows very well just how easy it would be, how fragile their power really is. Washington understands that government authority now rests on force alone, that their money and their bureaucracy and their media are propped up on the gun barrels of he BATF, the FBI, and beyond that the military.

Why do you think the first priority of the Co-Presidents Clinton was to introduce sexual deviates into the armed services and push lesbian military personnel into the combat arms? The object is to create a politically correct, politically reliable military who will use force against White America when the time comes for gun raids and a wide-ranging roundup of White dissidents. White males, especially White Southerners, are being forced out of the service through such subtle and not-so-subtle pressures as the introduction of perverts and bitches of war into the ranks, Tailhook-style witch-hunts for politically incorrect thought, etc.

When confronted with direct resistance, rather than immediately apply overwhelming force to overcome a challenge to the authority of the state, the power structure pulls back and starts waffling, looking for the line of least resistance, developing scenarios, analyzing options, trying to find an easy way out, trying to put a “spin” on things. Remember that, my brothers. Faced with the unexpected, the enemy hesitates, unsure of himself, afraid of being hurt, unable to endure the pain and the loss of life necessary quickly and firmly to enforce his will and regain control. This is valuable knowledge.

Holding the deed to that compound in Waco didn’t do David Koresh or his people a damned bit of good when the Federal government of the United States condemned them to death without trial. Nor will it do the rest of us any good when the Federal droids decide our time has come to die.

2. Mobility, Mobility, Mobility! Once you find yourself in a position of open resistance to ZOG, either by intent or through unavoidable circumstance, keep on the move. Never, ever let yourself be pinned down, in a house or a “compound.” Once trapped without any escape route, ZOG can bring its’ crushing, overwhelming force to bear. Don’t give the bastards time and a stationary target so they can break out the tanks and the napalm.

In the pre-open resistance mode, don’t let yourself be tied down to a hunk of real estate. In a previous issue I criticized certain Great White Leaders, they of the rolling acres, for using their supporters’ contributions to make mortgage payments on their spacious rural retirement estates which they designate as their “national headquarters”. But beyond the aspect of fraud, there are the soundest of tactical reasons to avoid the purchase of real estate.

Holding the deed to that compound in Waco didn’t do David Koresh or his people a damned bit of good when the Federal government of the United States condemned them to death without trial. Nor will it do the rest of us any good when the Federal droids decide our time has come to die.

The first motto of the White activist must be: stay light. Live light. Stay mobile. Be ready to re-locate on twenty-four hours’ notice. Don’t own any more possessions than you can pack into the trunk of a car or a U-Haul trailer. True, most of us live like that anyway, through simple inability to get any kind of decent job due to political defunctionalization or affirmative action quotas. Let us therefore make a virtue of necessity. If you will pardon me for quoting a negroid boxer, we must learn to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and then buzz off as ZOG lashes out wildly.

If and when you find yourself in open opposition, and you know for a fact that you are headed for the fire of Waco or burial alive in Marion Penitentiary, then move fast, hit hard, and then move faster. Avoid any routine or pattern in your travels which might be deduced by a sharp detective or extrapolated by a computer. Move, and hit while you move, because past a certain point you have nothing to lose. It doesn’t matter whether you get one fifty-year sentence without parole or seven; past a certain level of resistance, you are numbered among the living dead no matter what. David Koresh understood that.

3. There Is Strength in Faith. My own religious views are probably more non-Christian than otherwise, but let me be frank: I am getting a little bit weary of reading snide, sneering put-downs against Identity Christianity from self-proclaimed Movement pagans and atheists. Whatever you may think of their religious views, I think it’s time somebody pointed out that in the long, sorry, squalid story of this Movement, it is the Identity Christians who have displayed the most steadfast personal courage, especially in the face of prison and death. The Branch Davidians were not Identity, but let’s be frank. Does anyone believe that Odinists or “cosmotheists” would have held off a Federal army for fifty-one days and then burned alive where they stood rather than surrender?

Dr. William Pierce wrote a brilliant book in The Turner Diaries, a powerful contribution for which he deserves full credit. But the men who tried to put it into practice and who laid down their lives in battle were largely the very Identity Christians whom Dr. Pierce despises. Nowhere is Bill Pierce more at his worst than when he pens effete and supercilious diatribes against Christianity. When I see “cosmotheists”, Odinists, neo-Druids and other Identity detractors taking the same risks, showing the same unswerving dedication, and standing up as bravely and as resolutely in prison as do our Identity brothers, then I will have a lot more respect for their views.

Until then, I'd like to call for a moratorium on Christian-bashing within the Movement. It's counter-productive and it raises issues which need to be dealt with in a post-revolutionary world by an Aryan state engaged in the reconstruction of society from a position of power. A premature, divisive debate on the pros and cons of Christianity within our ranks serves no one but the racial enemy.

We can be sure of one thing: there will be more Wacos. The beast has tasted blood now, and he likes the taste. It's him or us.

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