Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why There Is No NF PayPal Link

Greetings, comrades:

Okay, got an e-mail today wondering why there is no PayPal link for the NF and why we don't take credit and debit cards. No, it's not just Harold being lazy. There is a specific reason for it.

I could simply state that this is the result of our lack of professionalization. But the PayPal thing is a little more complicated. I haven't been over it for a while, so let's do spaced repetition time.

About twelve years ago I had a PayPal address and PayPal bank card, which was a helluva convenient and which I wish I had again, especially on one occasion when a large amount of money was stolen from my regular bank account and I had to recover quickly, which thanks to some of you now reading this, I did. I didn't miss a rent payment or a mailing deadline or a book order. Another reminder--every scrap of accomplishment I achieve is because of you guys.

But about my second year in Astoria, we lost access to PayPal. I hadn't published the e-mail address I was using, but somehow--and who knows how the hell these things really happen?--somebody found out I was using PayPal and ratted me out to the Jews who run the company. Probably some slimy internet troll who sweet-talked me into releasing the address for an ostensible contribution and then went running to the Burger Kings at PayPal. Anyway, the account was frozen, out of the blue, no appeal allowed, because I was allegedly propagating "hate." About $300 sitting in the account was frozen and returned six months later, per their policy.

It could have been ADL or SPLC or some NGO like that, but I think I know who did it, and if I'm right the truth is much more squalid. Never mind.

This "hate" clause, by the way, is in almost everybody's terms of service on the internet for anything. You have to agree to the TOS before they will open the account or whatever, and in doing so you agree to let them cut you off any damned time they want, for any reason they want. So far as I am aware internet itself still has not achieved legal "common carrier" status and therefore there is no legal right to access the internet at all, never mind specific services.

I tried re-opening the account under another name, but they demand a social security number and PayPal has mine flagged, as also the bank account numbers I was using back then, plus of course my name. They closed down the second account as well, in about a week.

To make a long story short, I succeeded in opening a covert PayPal account using a secret e-mail address, which we use largely for overseas transactions and emergencies, but given our wee little Movement's character issues, plus the constant prowling of the enemy NGOs around us like vipers circling us in a watery swamp, I simply cannot advertise or publicize this account or include a link on the internet. It is given only to our most trusted and long-term supporters. Please do not take offense if you are not on that list; this PayPal account is an emergency-only service in case something really bad happens, and we just can't risk loose lips sinking this particular ship.

One aspect of professionalization, when it occurs, will be Northwest Publishing Agency's establishment as an actual business and our ability to accept credit and debit cards. Until then, we still have to do this the old-fashioned way. You may send contributions to

Northwest Publishing Agency
P.O. Box 2188
Bremerton, WA 98310

and make checks and money orders out to Northwest Publishing Agency or NPA.

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