Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Northwest Front Contact Process

[Okay, we are getting a LOT of new inquiries off Twitter and the alt.right. Those of you who haven’t seen this need to read and internalize it.]

Hi, guys:

This is how one goes about getting in touch with the Northwest Front and participating in our activities:

The first step required of you is that you must commit that first minor act of physical courage. You must step out from behind the computer and let us get a look at you so we know who the hell we’re talking to.

We need a name and a postal mailing address from an internet contact. The address can be a post office box or PMB #, that’s fine, just someplace where the post office will deliver mail. The name needs to be a full name, not just “Joe” or “Veronica” or an acronym from some little Hollywood Nazi group with all of three members, two of whom probably don’t know they’re members.

In the first place, the post office usually will not deliver mail without a full name. Mail packets are expensive, and every time one is returned marked “undeliverable as addressed” we are out money. In the second place, the refusal to supply a full name shows me somebody’s trying to jerk us around from the get-go, and is most likely just an ICI (Idle Curiosity Inquiry), a looky-loo trying to get some free stuff, which is a very common attitude in the White nationalist movement.

Remember: the Northwest Front is the real thing. Paranoia has to stop and trust has to start somewhere, and it starts with you. If you don’t trust us, then we don’t trust you.

Your intro packet will include a copy of the Northwest Migration Manual, otherwise known as the White Book. This manual is important. Read it carefully, and study it. It contains the answers you claim to be seeking. It is also available at no charge in .pdf format on the internet, for those of you who don’t mind reading a book on a computer screen.

The next step after receipt of an individual packet is internet or snail mail correspondence. How long does this go on? I don’t know. How long is a piece of string? We need to check out your vibe. During this period you will be looked over first off for basic compos mentis, and after that for intelligence, communications skills, presentation, and general personality and cop-on.

We recommend you participate in the Northwest Front's internet forum at 

Then comes chat rooms, then possibly phone calls. I do not give out my phone number extensively, because if I did I would spend eight or ten hours per day talking to people on the phone who essentially are calling because they are lonely, and they want to chat to a fellow White Nationalist. Understandable, but I really need to use that time for other things, so please, no one take offense. 

I never respond to imperious and peremptory demands that I call a total stranger at such-and-such a number. Anything you need to say to me can be said via e-mail, and if it can’t be said in a hard-copy format, you probably shouldn’t be saying it.

You will need to give me or the unit leader in your area a short introduction and bio. Anything you say can and will be used for an actual background check, unique in the Movement, and I don’t just mean Googling somebody’s name. (Although you’d be amazed at what only that can turn up.)

In view of who we are and what we envision for the future, it is entirely logical and reasonable for me and other NF people to want to know who the hell we are talking to when we sit down together. A photograph of yourself and your wife, husband, or significant other will be helpful, as well as any children. Suffice it to say that we have on occasions turned up some unpleasant surprises along that line.

I once considered flat-out asking for Social Security numbers and dates of birth, which which two items of information one can find out anything about anyone, but I recognize that there would be legitimate security concerns with that. While I don’t know you, neither do you know me, and considering all the crap on the internet about me, a request for a SSAN would only fuel the Goat Dance and make it worse. Besides, if you really are a federal cop or SPLC spy of some kind, that could easily be faked.

This system is crude and imperfect, and the FBI or whoever could dummy up a fake background easily, but I intend to force them to do just that. These people are getting paid taxpayer money to violate the Constitution and I mean to make them work for it. I mean to make them cover all the bases, dot their i’s and cross their t’s. Never make anything easier for these people who are spying on us and seek to do us harm.

We’re doing it for two reasons: A) to get ourselves used to the concept of doing things correctly and competently as revolutionaries, something White Americans have no previous experience in, and B) to weed out Movement kooks and dysfunctionals of the kind whom the late Pam Emmerich described as “not cops, not kikes, not spies, just trouble.”

I am specifically looking for past Movement background. Obviously, we can’t and won’t disqualify everyone who has ever taken part in other groups’ activities just for that reason, but I need to have a general idea of who you’ve been hanging with on the internet and otherwise, and what kind of Movement contaminants and toxicities you may have picked up. Yes, this is important. I need to know what baggage you are bringing to the Northwest Front.

Then comes actual meeting. The first meeting should be a one-on-one with myself or some other senior person I trust to make the evaluation. The idea here is to put a face to the URL and the e-mail address, to make sure you really exist, that you really are White and that you’re not really the Holy Rabbi Hyman Heeblebaum from Temple Schmuck-el punking us on the internet. (Crap like that has happened before, although not to me and not to the NF.)

Once someone has been met individually and checked for all the basics (i.e. White skin, no obvious negroid or Asiatic racial characteristics or grossly Semitic face, sound mind, not falling-down drunk or high, no body odor or tics or obvious indications of instability, etc.) only then do you get invited to a larger meeting and get to meet some of the others. The basic rule is: no strangers walking through the door. At least that’s the rule insofar as we can enforce it.

Bear in mind that these few simple protocols are the result of many years of bitter experience, including many years of prison time for some of us. These rules are for your protection just as much as ours.

Everyone on this list should ideally be involved in some stage of the above process. If not, we need to get started.


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