Wednesday, June 14, 2017

HAC On Jews and Perverts In The Ranks

June 14th, 2017 

Grittings, dewds: 

I have received a lengthy e-mail from an intelligent and articulate young man giving me advice about the Wall. Not Trump's wall, the Wall the Party has hit where we can proceed no further without material and concrete assistance from serious, mature, and completely dedicated adults. Much of what this young man said was logically formulated, to the point, and valuable input. I am grateful to him for his response. 

He also argued that there should be "no punching right," specifically that I should accept or at least ignore that a significant number the so-called "leaders" of the "New Right" or "alt.right":

1) Either openly practice a loathsome sexual perversion, or tolerate those who do;

 2) The fact that a number of these men are weird demi-Jews who correctly or not claim "just a smidgeon of Hebrew ancestry" because they think it's useful or chic, or else because they're simply fucked in the head;

 3) The fact several of these"alt.right leaders" have been 
exposed as outright full-blood hose-nosed Red Sea Pedestrians;

 4) The fact that some of these men have wives whom they are oddly reluctant to let us get a good look at, but who from stolen Net glimpses seem to have long pure black hair and olive or yellow skin. ("Based Stick Man" springs to mind as an example of Categories 2 & 3.) 

5) The fact that some of these men "sport-bang brown pussy" because they claim that "White women are such vile bitches," which opens up several areas we need to work on in the character department.

Uh ... no.

Just so you guys know. 


 * * * 

Harold, like you I feel the same way about all of this. I've had arguements with other WN's who've said that Asian sport-banging is ok and that I'm basically a celibate priesthood boy.

 But here's one thought I've had. Why can't we just use these people for mileage and then after a revolution, us top tier, priesthood celibate boys can  send the wrong types on their way so to speak? I see no issues with throwing partially rotten food from the fridge to the trash. I'm sure the NSDAP knew how to cut the weak and degenerate from their rank and keep and develop the strong.  

-C. H.

* * * 

Because it is a violation of principle and a breach of decency to make any compromise at all with racial treason and perversions of the body. 

Because it is the thin edge of the wedge. Because it gives others the idea that there are such things as what used to be called Hofjüden, "good Jews" who are useful and who may be "thrown a few scraps from the table" such as being allowed to live among Gentiles, certain banking and trading concessions etc., and we all know how that turned out, don't we?

Because such compromise makes it appear that buggery is somehow acceptable, and that will never be. Because it begins the process of normalizing what can never be normal. 

It's called situational ethics. I can see it on some of the small stuff, like minor criminal records, but Richard Spencer to the contrary, this is indeed a Big Deal. - HAC

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