Wednesday, June 28, 2017

NF Four-Phase Plan

Racial Comrades:

As you recall from the White Book, the Butler Plan for the establishment of a sovereign, independent White nation in the Pacific Northwest consists of four broad aspects or phases. These phases are not as yet associated with any given time frame, although I may be able to assess the situation and give you some very general ballpark figures there soon. I hope so, since I keep ragging the “nationwides” to come up with time lines on their own (non-existent) plans, and it is perfectly reasonable to ask me to comply with this requirement as well. 

The four phases are:

PHASE I: Relocation of the bulk of the existing racially conscious White community to the Northwest Homeland.

PHASE II: Massive, serious propaganda and missionary work among native Northwesterners and organic migrants.

PHASE III: The creation of a political movement for Northwest independence.

PHASE IV: The creation of a sub rosa economic, social, and organizational infrastructure.

I am now beginning to implement the first phase as best I can. response isn't anywhere near sufficient to produce the kind of results all of you want to see.

There are finally some signs that the Northwest idea is starting to catch fire. The word is flying around the Racially Conscious Community (not at all the same as alt.right) that there is a hopeful new strategy on the ground, what one person correctly termed the first new idea we've had in this country since 1861. For the first time in many years, Northwest Migration is once again a serious topic of discussion among racially conscious Whites.

During the hard-core Northwest phase, we start weeding them out, trimming the list down to a small core group whom I can begin to work with personally on a much closer basis. We must identify and motivate the people we really do need to bring Northwest as soon as possible. What we will be doing here is creating a genuine, honest to God, for real racial élite of pioneers, deed-based as opposed to word-based. An élite that is founded on what the basis of what someone does, rather than what someone says. 

Yes, I know, I keep on repeating that in various ways, but it is probably the most important aspect of this whole Northwest thing and it cannot be emphasized too strongly. It is what makes us different from all the rest. 

Within the near future, I want to be in a position to address pretty much the entire existing RCC, or as much of it as possible, if only by e-mail. Postal mail would be better since postal mail must remain our primary means of communication (we cannot assume that we will always have access to the internet, and in any case there are still very many people who do not own personal computers.)

Anyone who is anyone in the Racially Conscious Community needs to at least be on the Northwest Net list, and better yet on the mailing list. Willingness to impart a name and a physical mailing address will be one of the first standards we apply when we begin looking for "a few good men"; obviously nothing will ever be accomplished by those who remain permanently concealed behind computer terminals.

The ultimate sign of quality and membership in the new, true racial elite is when they take and pass their “entrance exam” ... emigration to the Northwest Homeland. The ultimate proof of the pudding will not be any amount of wordage, however slick or plausible or stirring. You don’t talk your way into the Northwest movement. You do your way in. The ultimate badge of true racial consciousness and serious dedication to our racial survival from now on boils down to one single question: “What’s his zip code?”

There's not much cream on top of the alt.right's churn, but what there is we're going to skim off and bring Northwest. Young Carto and the rest can have the leavings in the rented motel banquet rooms.

Harold A. Covington

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