Thursday, March 30, 2017


Hi, guys. Brief housekeeping note.

Somewhat to my surprise, I have survived on Twitter for 14 months (@HAC1488) possibly because I do not in fact violate their "community standards." I do not harass or threaten niggaz or SJWs, I don't post pornogaphy, etc. I try to use the internet for the purpose for which it was intended, i.e. communicating ideas to people. Wow, what a concept!

The fact that I am in compliance with their "community standards" (that term always gives me a giggle) won't save my account for much longer, I suspect, in view of the massive witch hunt that Twitter routinely conducts against anyone even mildly to the right of center. But since Trump's election there have appeared several accounts on there whose purpose seems to be to troll me specifically, which again is not surprising. I suspect these are part of the overall Soros-funded internet assault on the First Amendment and White people in general. 

I know there are at least two professional trolls who attempt to post to the comments section of the Party website, despite my refusal to approve them for some years now. This persistence indicates to me that they are being paid to continue. I presume they're sitting in a cubicle in an anonymous office building somewhere, and I am but one on a long list of daily chores for them.

Like many internet weirdos, I suspect these trolls are men posting under female names, which is a bizarre trait of "ours" that has always existed on the internet, but which is especially pronounced on Twitter. My Twitter trolls share certain characteristics: the account is usually less than a year old; only a few hundred followers; always a pseudonym with no indication of the poster's actual identity; claims a Movement background, usually as an "old hand"; make accusations against me without providing a shred of evidence of any kind; (I am a "Federal snitch' etc.); attempts to lure me and others into long, pointless shouting matches that have nothing to do with the 14 Words. Basically, the old Cass Sunstein playbook from 2010.

The object of these people is to get myself and others to engage with them, and above all to get me to respond and get down into the mud and wallow with them, which of course dilutes and attenuates the thrust of advocacy for real-world resistance which I am pursuing on the feed.

My personal policy and my strong advice to others is as follows:

If the first rule of the internet is "You never know who TF you're talking to" then the second must be "don't feed the trolls." Don't.

These people's goal is to get response from myself or my people, good, bad, or indifferent. I have always been honest about the fact that I myself am a recovering Usenet addict from 1997-98; like most addictions it never fully goes away, so I can tell you that not responding at all to trolling is one of the hardest things on earth for those of us who have the sickness to do. But you have to do it, for that way lies madness.

Block and ignore trolls, and get used to it. The fact that someone cares enough to pay people to troll and attack me on the Net is a sign that I am getting close, and I take it as a favorable portent. Mr. S. doesn't bother with those who are not some kind of threat to The Agenda. It used to be that every time I would publish another Northwest novel, I would notice a distinct upturn in this kind of stalking, both internet and quasi-legal. 

This kind of mess simply comes with the territory. Ignoring it and driving on needs to become second nature to us all.



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