Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Andrew Anglin Is Toast

Andrew Anglin's Daily Stormer website will be taken down from the internet by force, and Anglin himself will end up serving a lengthy prison sentence. They will get him in a variation on the ploy they used to arrest and imprison David Duke in the early 2000s. I am one of the few people in the Movement who has (kind of) survived a Morris Dees-style SLAPP suit and also one of the few who has managed successfully to live outside the country for some years, so I have some experience of that whereof I speak. It will take a while for the SPLC and the dictatorship acting in concert to achieve Anglin's imprisonment, but here's how it will happen:

The first point needing to be made is that in the American judicial system, civil litigation is much more corrupt even than in the criminal justice system. Far fewer Constitutional protections apply, and a civil judge has infinitely more arbitrary and uncheckable power than in a criminal case. Ask anyone who's ever been through a divorce.

Civil litigation requires something called deposition, in which basically the weaker party to the dispute is forced to assist the more expensively represented and better connected side in his own destruction, by providing them with information they can use to rob him, coerce him, and otherwise do him harm.  The Fifth Amendment does not apply in civil law.

Deposition is mandatory, and if one party doesn't want to play, is done under subpoena backed with armed men and the arbitrary power of the civil judge to imprison without trial or access to counsel.  A civil judge can also issue a bench warrant for the arrest of one party in a dispute and sentence the said party to jail and/or prison time in absentia, which was supposedly prohibited by the Constitution back in 1789, but the courts simply ignore the fact.

The SPLC will issue a subpoena to Andrew Anglin in the Philippines summoning him to a civil deposition in either Montgomery, Alabama or Whitefish, Montana. They will find some way to serve this subpoena on him in the Philippines, or technically to satisfy the legal service requirements by sending him an e-mail or something like that. It doesn't matter what they do, so long as the judge goes for it and accepts that legal service has been carried out. 

In cases of bona fide civil lawsuits over torts, money and property, represented by attorneys whose concern is to achieve a a financial result and accrue profit for themselves, and where the respondents are privileged and wealthy people who get Class A service from the legal system for their buck, arrangements can be made to depose witnesses in foreign countries. That will not be allowed in a political lawsuit like this. Anglin will be ordered by the court to return to United States jurisdiction so that his enemies can physically lay hands on his body and do him harm.

If Anglin honors the subpoena and returns to U. S. jurisdiction, my guess is that the FBI will be waiting for him at the airport to talk to him about certain videos and images he posted online showing himself with Filipina girls who look like they're about 12, although concedo it's hard to tell with Asian girls.  What Andrew Anglin refers to as "sport-banging brown pussy" is known as sex tourism, and it is a federal felony, especially where underage children are involved. (Local age of consent laws, if any, don't matter. The United States statute says that outside the country, if it's not 18, don't stick your dick in it. Not sure if these laws apply to sex robots yet.)

My guess is that at the very least, Anglin's passport will be immediately pulled to keep him in the country while he is dragged into the mangler. A passport is not the property of the person to whom it is issued, but the property of the State Department, and must be surrendered on demand to any official of the United States government who asks for it.

If Anglin defies the subpoena the judge will issue a bench warrant for contempt, which may sound like a petty beef, but once that is done Anglin will officially be a wanted fugitive as far as the computers are concerned, and his problems will multiply. 

It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that an actual international federal fugitive warrant will be issued for Andrew Anglin on foot of the bench warrant; this happened to Pastor Butler's benefactor Vincent Bertollini in the early 2000s on a DUI charge, of all the the ridiculous things, because the political establishment in Idaho wanted revenge on Bertollini for housing Pastor Butler after Morris Seligman Dees stole his home. Dees wanted him literally thrown out onto the street and driven from the Northwest altogether, and Bertollini thwarted that.

For another thing, Anglin's father will no longer be legally allowed to send him money or participate in any activity helping him remain outside United States jurisdiction, or else Anglin senior will be guilty of aiding a fugitive.

At some point, Andrew Anglin's United States passport will expire, and it is a federal felony for an American citizen to be or remain outside the country without a valid passport. This is how David Duke was eventually compelled to slink back to Louisiana and take his lumps from the judge; his passport was about to expire and he couldn't find some Kiev devotchka to marry him and get him Ukrainian citizenship.

Eventually, one way or another, Andrew Anglin will be compelled to return to U. S. jurisdiction. It is possible he might be able to get off the lawsuit hook by signing some Glenn Miller-style consent decree with the SPLC agreeing to take down his website, turn over all documents and personal info on his supporters to Dees a la Tom Metzger, etc. The federal sex tourism thing I won't speculate on.

In any event, Andrew Anglin is outta here, probably in about a year's time. He just doesn't know it yet.

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