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How To Recognize A True White Leader (2005, I Think)

[This is a guest article by "Keith Fulton," who is my old Arlington and Rhodesian buddy Joe Bishop, whom I have not heard from in something like 20 years.

Yes, I know, I myself cannot meet the standards laid out in this article, and frankly I never have. No one since Commander Rockwell has ever even approached this level of personal and moral qualification, and yes, I know this is a bitchy piece by a minor Movement name nobody remembers any more. But I have to admit that this is the standard to which we should aspire, and as such it is one of the most significant essays ever written in the Movement. - HAC]

Comrades in Struggle:

There have been many articles and exposés written over the years on the many dubious and dishonest leaders that we have in the White Aryan Movement. All of these articles tell you how to distinguish a false leader. But how do we know a true leader when (or should we say if) we ever see one?

I believe that our long experience can point the way towards recognizing the good as well as the bad. Based largely on the many bad experiences we have had down through the years, here is what a genuine, true White Aryan Leader will look like:

I. Accessibility

Beware, beware, beware of any sign that the Leader figure is attempting to avoid, evade, or hide from his own people! A true Leader does not hide from his people. He walks among them. He embraces them. He is always surrounded by them. Look at Adolf Hitler, unafraid to go on foot anywhere in Germany, his bodyguards there mostly for crowd control to keep the Fuhrer from being overwhelmed by well-wishers. In almost every photograph ever taken of Hitler, he is surrounded by people. How many of our own self-proclaimed "leaders" can say the same?

The White Aryan org's mailing address should never be a post office box or mail drop, and never simply an e-mail address. It should be a street address, where if one goes to that address one finds people from that org, not a mail drop.

If this address is not actually the Leader's home, then it should be an open and public headquarters or office, clearly marked, with no attempt at concealment from friend or foe. Nor should the Leader's actual residence be any kind of secret. Every member in good standing of the org should know where their Leader lays his head at night. True, the Leader should be treated with the common courtesy of not showing up on his doorstep at all hours unannounced, but he should welcome visitors. His home and his lifestyle should be humble, utilitarian, clean and manly.

If a Leader is not willing to invite you into his home and let you observe his mode of living for yourself...then why not? What is it that he does not want you to see?

The Leader's home and the headquarters of the org, and all its offices, should be located in easily accessible cities or suburbs, not way way way way out in the boondocks to where one has to mount a major expedition to find the place. No revolution or serious political movement of any kind can be organized from way out in the wilderness. Politics means people, and people mean population centers. A true Leader runs to his people, not away from them.

A Leader always uses his real name, never any kind of pseudonym or nom de guerre. Only Reds do that. Joseph Dzhugashvili called himself Stalin. Adolf Hitler called himself Adolf Hitler.

A true Leader publishes or makes available a telephone number where he himself will pick up the phone.

Not an answering machine, not a recorded message. The only excuse for a member of an org calling his Leader and getting an answering machine is if there is really, truly no one at home, in which case a true Leader returns calls at his own expense as soon as he can. I understand that in later stages it will become necessary for a Leader to screen his calls to some extent due to bona fide time and scheduling constraints, but this should be done only when unavoidable and the Leader should never be too busy to at least have a few words with a rank and file member of his org. That personal touch is what distinguishes the Caesars and Napoleons from the William Pierces and Thom Robbs.

II. Visibility

All members and supporters of an org should know what their Leader looks like.

A true Leader is never afraid to publish a recent photograph of himself, on his web site, on his literature, etc. None of this Benny Klassen crap about publishing fifty year-old pictures from one's college yearbook. (Several unauthorized photographs of Klassen taken in his seventies explain why he was so insistent on not letting his followers get a glimpse of his face. Rumors aside, it cannot be denied that whatever Klassen's actual heritage might have been, in his old age his physiognomy looked extremely Jewish.)

A true Leader is never afraid to publish a full body photograph of himself. If a Leader will not publish a full body photo of himself, what is it that he is afraid you will see?

III. Image

A true White Aryan Leader presents a neat, clean, and manly image to the world.

He may not be as handsome as a Greek god (although it would be nice if he were!) but he is height-weight proportional. He is in good physical condition, and he works out and plays sports when he gets the chance.

The Leader is never obese. (No Harold Covingtons or David Pringles or Bill Whites need apply.) He is never vegetarian- scarecrow thin, spindle-shanked or sunken-chested. There is never any kind of deformity, skin condition, hose nose, liver lips, jug ears, hairy facial warts, excessively curly hair, or any other physical abnormality. There is never any scruffy beard or long, greasy ponytail like the abominable Andrew Greenbaum. The Leader looks normal.  There is never a chrome dome; a Leader always has a head of hair. Tom Metzger has been much criticized for wearing a toupee to hide his baldness, but I believe this was absolutely the correct decision on his part. There must never be any physical or visual oddity associated with the White Aryan Leader.

The Leader dresses well, casually when called for, but 80% of the time he appears in public in a subdued business suit. When he is in his office and he works at his desk with his jacket off, he keeps his tie on. Never, never, never never never does the White Aryan Leader appear in public wearing any kind of costume or home-made "uniform." Nor do members of his organization.

The Leader has no tattoos, or if he does they are always kept concealed by a long-sleeved shirt. He is always neatly groomed and recently showered or bathed, and he wears deodorant and cologne. When eyesight correction is necessary, he wears contact lenses if at all possible, and rimless or gold-rimmed spectacles as a last resort. Never nerdy-looking horn-rims or big thick Coke-bottle lenses.

IV. Lifestyle

Drugs and sexual perversion should not even be mentioned in this section; under no circumstances whatsoever are these things compatible with any concept of Aryan honor or basic human decency. Under no circumstances whatsoever should any White Aryan Leader ever portray himself in any context, or engage in any conduct, that might be even remotely perceived as sexually ambivalent. (Are you listening, Kevin Alfred Strom?)

The true White Aryan Leader does not drink alcohol.

The true White Aryan Leader does not smoke or use tobacco in any form.

The true White Aryan Leader never, ever gambles or is seen in any lowlife surroundings such as a casino, a bar, a brothel, etc.

A true White Aryan Leader does not use the foul potty-mouthed language of the negroid.

A true White Aryan leader is married and is raising, or has raised, a family of multiple White children. Anyone who proclaims himself a Leader of our people and who does not fulfill this requirement should be immediately rejected and dismissed; it is the most basic of all racial duties and for anyone aspiring to leadership of our people to shirk this basic duty is absurd and calls into question his very dedication to the ideals we are all supposedly fighting for. [I've got fix or six kids kicking around out there, if that helps. - HAC] 

The Leader's wife supports his racial activities, clearly and unambiguously. She demonstrates this support by appearing with him in public as often as her family obligations allow. The Leader's wife need not be a fashion plate or super-model, but she should be at least nominally attractive, she should dress well, and the same rules against physical deformity apply. No fat chicks, no buffalo butts, no big biker mamas, no sluts, no drunks, no suspiciously dusky olive skins or long pure-black hair, no Mammy Yokums, no Daisy Maes, no trashed-out burned-out ex-druggie skanks. No 50 year-old "leaders" cavorting in public with nubile teenaged nymphettes. No polygamy. No David Dukes who can't keep their trousers zipped.

The Leader regularly publishes recent photographs of his wife as well as himself. If a Leader is unwilling to let you see his life's partner, then you need to ask why.

 V. Integrity

A true White Aryan Leader never lies, except where it is tactically necessary to lie to the enemy.

A true White Aryan Leader never, ever uses the police or court system of ZOG to pursue his private vendettas or accomplish his own personal agenda.

A true White Aryan Leader under no circumstances whatsoever, ever willingly reveals the names, addresses, or other information about his members and supporters to the Zionist authorities or anyone else. He will if necessary go to prison to protect their privacy.

A true Aryan Leader works at gainful employment for a living until this becomes no longer realistic. He then draws a salary from his org which is paid on a regular basis, by an independent treasurer or accountant, all completely on-paper, all witholding taxes paid, all above board and righteous from top to bottom. Any perks or expenses he is granted are all recorded and are all legitimately political or work-related. Beyond this, the Leader does not touch a single thin dime of his org's money.

In order to avoid any appearance of impropriety, the Leader never opens his org's mail himself. Also, he insures that the org's mail is always opened in the presence of at least two trustworthy individuals from different departments and that these individuals do so wearing clothing that has no pockets or have had the pockets sewn shut. This may sound like an eccentric thing to stipulate, but it must be clear from the very beginning of any org's operation that cash arriving in the mail goes into the org's bank account and never goes from the envelope into anyone's pocket or wallet, the Leader's or anyone else. No racial organization in this century has ever been able to give its members this primary, vitally important assurance.

The Leader in no way controls the org's finances and cannot spend a single dime without some kind of consultation and oversight. In light of the David Duke scandal, the Movement will never get anywhere until orgs can provide their members and supporters with concrete assurance of complete financial integrity.

VI. Leadership

A true Aryan Leader leads from the front. He never asks anyone to do something he has not done or will not do himself.

A true Aryan Leader demonstrates his leadership through mastery and application of the spoken word, not the written word. The written word is for Reds and bureaucrats. Lenin and Marx wrote long books and pamphlets. Hitler gave speeches.

A true White Aryan Leader has a plan, a plan which he lets his people see. He does not just say "Follow me!" He shows his people where they are going, rather than telling them.

A true White Aryan Leader is never afraid to invoke the name of God or beseech His intervention.

In conclusion: a false Aryan "leader" of the self-proclaimed variety may be distinguished by:

*Inaccessibility, in person or by phone;

*Excessive secrecy as to his whereabouts, his physical appearance, his lifestyle and his day to day activities;

*Financial secrecy and lack of accountability;


A true White Aryan Leader:

*Is accessible to his people. He does not seek to hide from them, either by burying himself in the high mountains or by surrounding himself with a cordon sanitaire of flunkies a la Matt Koehl;

*May be contacted at a telephone number where he picks up the phone.

*Imposes complete personal and financial accountability and discipline on himself;

*Visibly and publicly practices what he preaches, in both his political and his personal life.

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