Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Carrot Is Gone. Only The Stick Remains

(From 1996, but still pertinent.)

The myth of the American Dream is an enduring one. The promise was always implicit for White people. Work hard. Play the game. Apply the lips in the prescribed manner. Vote the way you’re told, think the way you’re told, and never let a nasty racist thought enter your mind. Do all these things and you will be rewarded with a material luxury unheard of in human history. ZOG is the most subtle tyranny ever known to man; the tyrant wealthy and canny enough to buy his slaves' obedience and leave the iron fist in the glove unless all else fails.
But the great American honeycomb is drying out. The flow of consumer goodies is slowing perceptibly, like the salmon runs of the Northwest where there are fewer and smaller fish every year. The crime, drugs, chaos, and Third World filth can no longer be contained; the sewer is overflowing into the previously safe streets of suburbia and out into the countryside.

An entire generation of White children is being destroyed in the schools; Beavis and Butthead graduate unable to read or do simple fractions. There is no longer even a pretense of representative government; corruption is naked and unashamed. Job security, living wages, home ownership, and peace of mind are things of the past. White Americans live in fear and loathing. Morris Dees whines and moans about "angry White males" and the "rising tide of extremism," but more and more the stark question appears: why should a White man not become an extremist? The System no longer holds up its end of the social contract.
Suppose a White man does everything he’s supposed to do by the liberal gospels? Suppose you keep your brain squeaky clean of racist, sexist, homophobic, or religious thoughts? What if you support affirmative action, sodomy and abortion, saving whales and spotted owls? Suppose you obediently shuffle to the polls on election day and pull the straight Democratic ticket lever? Recycle your garbage?

What’s in it for you? Will your political correctness prevent you from being downsized tomorrow? Will your liberal orthodoxy stop your promotion going to an unqualified minority or yuppie Barbie doll? Will your contributions to the SPLC prevent you from being beaten by blacks in a shopping mall? Will your docile vote for Billyboy prevent your ten year-old son from being fondled in school by a sodomite teacher?

Suppose you read this newsletter, scream in horror, and throw it down as you flee in panic lest someone think you a racist? What, exactly, do you accomplish? You still have to live in this cesspool. You still have to try and find a way to survive in a world of madness and chaos and violence and evil that hates you because of your sex and the color of your skin. True, you may still have a little to lose if you join the resistance—but what exactly will you gain if you don’t?

- Harold A. Covington

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