Saturday, March 18, 2017

Do Not Allow Yourself To Be Entrapped

Guys, you need to read this one and for once, do what I say. It may be a matter of life and death. Do not allow yourself to be entrapped into so-called "criminal conspiracy" by federal law enforcement or other kinds of police provocateurs.

The FBI and other American political police agencies routinely perjure themselves in court and use fabricated evidence, including doctored audio recordings and planted forensics such as fibers etc. They also retain a small army of informers called "$400 men"from the fact that they are paid a basic $400 per week tax-free.  These people are also paid on a piecework basis and receive heavy cash bonuses per year of prison time they inflict on innocent people. The informer "Tony Evola" received a $50,000 bonus for the first White American convicted under the Patriot Act, Matt Hale.

This is not Harold being paranoid. The FBI's habit of fabricating so-called "terrorism" cases from the ground up has become a matter of such wide remark that it has even been covered in the mainstream media.

Usually the pattern is to select some poor old Apu from down at the Quickie Mart and surround him with a so-called Al-Qaeda or ISIS "terror cell," usually all of whom are paid FBI informers or badge-carrying agents. Mohammed Moola-boola is then persuaded to accept receipt of a so-called "suicide vest" which looks like a bomb but which actually consists of road flares or inert material. (In one case an FBI-provided pick-up truck loaded with Play Doh was supposed to be a truck bomb of Semtex.)

Apu is given detailed instructions by his so-called cell leader or FBI handler to go out and blow up a specific target at a specific time. He is recorded agreeing to commit this act, usually with several repeated questions along the line of "Are you sure you want to do this?" recorded in English for the benefit of the future jury, probably in this case conservative Whites who will be glad of any opportunity to show their revulsion for the rag-headed invaders whom we are not allow actually to fight. (Any time anyone is clearly attempting to get you to say certain things out loud regarding illegal acts, you should suspect a recording microphone nearby.)

Then Apu goes to that spot or commits some other overt act which fulfills the legal requirements for conspiracy, and he is arrested and sent to prison for 30 years for the crime of being an easily-manipulated dumb-ass whom some FBI SSA decided would be useful fodder for his career and a budget-booster for his office.

These tactics are also used against White American political dissidents on a regular basis. If anything, we are traditionally easier to entrap than Muslims. The Bureau and other federal agencies have been doing it for years. Some of the most notorious and blatant fabrications committed by federal law enforcement against White Americans are:

*The murder of Katherine Ainsworth by "off-duty" agents in Mississippi in 1968, believed paid for by the ADL;

*The frame-up of Leroy Gibson in the early 1970s;

*The insertion of ATF undercover agent Bernard Butkovich into the Klan and NSPA in the late 1970s, On November 3rd, 1979 Butkovich's activities resulted in the shooting dead of five Communist Workers' Party members and the arrest of 16 White men in Greensboro, North Carolina when a government plot to kill targeted individuals went awry; Butkovich himself is believed to have been murdered by his own agency years later to prevent embarrassing testimony.

*The murder of a number of faggots in a homo bookstore in Shelby, North Carolina in January of 1987, in order to protect the cover of informer Frazier Glenn Miller, who had been engaging in homosexual activities at the store. (This one actually had a lot of ramifications beyond the Miller case; long, long story I never did figure out more than a bit of.) Charges were later fabricated against two White Patriot Party men in order to cover up the participation of Miller and other federal assets.

*The ATF pressuring of Randy Weaver to become an informer which eventually led to the vicious attack on his home by ATF and FBI in which Weaver's wife and child were murdered by federal law enforcement;

*The fabricated case against Matt Hale in 2003, when Hale was arrested and sentenced to 40 years for typing a single sentence into an AOL instant chat, specifically "I cannot be involved in this." Hale was convicted under the Patriot Act by a monkoidal jury on the basis of hundreds of hours of audio conversation and transcribed internet chat because he "used racial slurs";

*That poor old fart in Spokane who worked at the Salvation Army store, whose name escapes me. This derelict in his 50s was framed for allegedly trying to blow up the city, by that same punk informer they tried to sic on us back in 2010. This kid was pressured into doing it because the Bureau caught him with some pot plants in his room, which was illegal at the time. 

*The Dennis Mahon case, where a long-term female FBI informant engaged in multiple sexual liaisons with Dennis and others in order to gain trust and fabricate evidence;

*Probably the most infamous FBI frame case of all, wherein attorney Edgar Steele was arrested in 2010, and convicted on the basis of fabricated and altered audio files. Two international experts prepared to testify that the Steele audio had been altered were not allowed to appear in court by a bent judge. Steele was later murdered in prison, apparently on orders from the Eric Holder Justice Department;

*The framing of Kevin Harpham in the 2011 Bionic Backpack incident in Spokane, through the threatening of his terminally ill father's Medicare and VA benefits, by which Harpham was coerced into pleading guilty despite the fact that it was logistically impossible for him to have committed the "crime" within the Bureau's timeline. 

Like the Steele case, the backpack thing appears to have been a fabrication from the get-go by FBI agents who were threatened with transfer out of lovely predominantly-White Spokane to Muslim-and-beaner-infested hellholes like Detroit and Los Angeles, in order to bring back the good old days of Aryan Nations and Pastor Butler when the Inland Northwest was a "terror hotspot." (At one stage, because of Pastor Butler there were more ATF agents operating out of Spokane than there were in New York City.)

*The ongoing lunatic Bill White case, which has been extensively discussed on this site. Suffice it to say that for a period of almost three years prior to his first arrest, White appears to have been surrounded by a small army of FBI informers, $400-a-week men. At one point FBI-JTTF appears to have attempted to persuade some of these operatives to murder White. That one conviction must have cost the Bureau over a million dollars in informants' fees alone.

*God knows how many "militia" groups and small isolationist religious sects who live alone out in the woods, down through the years. I honestly can't remember. 

Why Do They Do It? 

Why do they do it? Why does federal law enforcement routinely use fabrication and perjury to frame the innocent, rather than do their jobs and protect the American people by hunting down for-real terrorists such as Muslim jihadists and the tens of thousands of foreign criminals admitted to this country by Barack Obama's abolition of the border during his reign?

Simple. Burn this into your brain: Without terrorists, there can be no anti-terrorists. 

The FBI does this kind of thing for the same reason they do everything else: for money. Remember: "terrorism" both real and imagined is an industry, an incredibly lucrative one. Billions and billions of dollars are expended in the U.S. and throughout the Western world on both generating and fighting against terrorism.

The anti-terrorism industry generates a tumbling Niagara Falls of wealth into the laps of the world's governing elites, almost all in the form of Western (White) taxpayer dollars and euros. Vast amounts of anti-terrorism cash flows into the coffers of government departments; think tanks; law enforcement agencies from British MI6 down to Deputy Barney Fife in Mayberry with all his new paramilitary gear and toys; private security agencies; manufacturers of weapons and security gadgets; industrial research grants into security-related applications like electronic spying and surveillance; and above all budget, budget, budget for military and bureaucrats. Everyone in the EU, the U.S.A., and the English-speaking word who draws a government salary benefits in some way from the anti-terrorism industry.

Nor is it all government. The private sector makes billions off anti-terrorism every year in a hundred ways. The Hollywood budget alone for endless movies like the Die Hard series or TV series like the 24 and NCIS families and spin-offs boggles the mind. 

Without terrorists, there can be no anti-terrorists. It therefore behooves the anti-terrorism industry to ensure that there is a steady supply of terrorists to be captured, stuffed, and mounted on the walls of various agencies in order to justify their existence.

But the problem is, hunting and apprehending real terrorists is messy and dangerous and uncertain. Despite all the massive appurtenances of the surveillance state, the record of these agencies in catching for-real, non-fabricated terrorists who are seriously planning on doing harm is not too impressive. Lucky for the FBI, there aren't that many genuine terrorists around, certainly nothing to compare with all the made-up cases fabricated for brownie points and budget dollars.

You have to bear in mind, this isn't J. Edgar Hoover's FBI.  The lean, snappily-dressed young Mormons are gone and the career bureaucrats, the computer geeks and technocrats and management gurus have replaced the real cops like Melvin Purvis and Bill Roemer and Cartha DeLoach. Di-voice-ity-appointed beanerz and niggaz and wimmins is done took over de muthafukkin Bureau, essay.

Hunting down and capturing for-real violent criminals and seventh-century religious warriors can't be done by sitting in a cubicle with a Starbucks and a hoagie from the breakroom vending machine, spying on people or listening in on their conversations. The agents have to get in their rental cars or their black SUVs with the illegally tinted windows and do a lot of driving and walking and sitting freezing their ass off in stakeouts in bad neighborhoods at three in the morning. 

(I recall there was at least one case some years ago where FBI on a surveillance were attacked and shot by common or garden-variety street niggers who wanted to jack their fancy ride.)

To catch actual criminals they have to put in unpaid overtime when they can't hit the bars or (to be fair) be with their families. Hunting down real bad guys is, like, you know, man, work. And what did our dear old Dads always tell us? "Don't work hard, son. Work smart."

Plus--and this is the biggie--there's always the chance that if they go after real criminals or jihadists, those guys might not understand that they're supposed to be terrified of the big, bad FBI. They might actually shoot at federal agents and endanger their pampered asses and their pensions. Yaaaaaaah! No, no, anything but that!

"Jesus, I didn't sign up for this! I'm supposed to be sitting behind my computer right now reading blogs and Twitter posts and listening to Radio Free Northwest so maybe we can catch that old fart saying something we can use to make him shut up and get our little gold star on our foreheads from the J. Edgar Building! Nobody said anything about anybody shooting at my ass! What the hell are the local boys for? Don't they have a SWAT team? What the hell do they think we gave them all that military weaponry and gear for?" 

Get On With It, Harold 

Right, right. Sorry. It's just that it's difficult to discuss the vagaries of our beloved state security services without beginning to rave.

Okay, based on more years of experience than I care to recall in observing and evading the criminal and despicable behavior of federal law enforcement, here are HAC's handy-dandy tips at avoiding entrapment by the dictator's servants: 


1) Be security conscious, not paranoid. A lot of secret police behavior is psychological warfare designed specifically to interdict constitutionally protected political and expressional activity by generating alarm, despondency, confusion and paranoia. How do you tell the difference? Security consciousness helps you function as a political dissident. Paranoia prevents you from functioning.

2) The late Pastor Robert Miles used to say "Never write down anything you don't want read out open court." Today this translates as "never e-mail or tweet anything you don't want read out in open court, or which you don't want to exist forever in the weird twilight of cyberspace." Remember, the internet is forever. Nothing is ever genuinely deleted or beyond recovery on the internet.

3) Always remember the First Rule of the Internet: You never know who the hell you're talking to. Never assume that anyone on the internet or e-mail is telling you the truth, about anything. If it can't be verified or you don't already know for a concrete fact it's true, keep it in a kind of gray mental limbo reserved for things which may be fact or which may be somebody's narrative, and be aware of the difference. One thing the left-loons have nailed dead on: we are living in the post-factual era.

4) If someone cannot or will not give you some verification of identity or bona fides on the internet, and refuses to give you any idea who TF you're talking to, break contact. At the very least he is using the internet to PLAY. At worst he's up to some attempt to do harm.

5) Do not engage with trolls. Block them if possible. Ignore them if it's not possible to block them. In the White nationalist cyber-world a large amount of trolling is in fact done by paid operatives working either directly for the secret police agencies or indirectly through NGOs such as the Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, etc. Trolls seek to wage psychological warfare on their targets and stir the pot to see what floats to the surface, including information.

6)  Do not troll yourself. It gives social media platform operators excuses to cancel your account. Use the internet to communicate with and persuade our own people, not to heckle liberal idiots or to play pranks on niggers. Do not use the internet to PLAY. It is not a toy, it is the only access to mass media and communication we have. Don't blow it.

7) Do not, do not, do not put photographs of yourself holding legal semi-automatic weapons or any firearms at all on web sites or social media. Do not pretend to be some bad-ass guerrilla figher. You are not. Camouflage of any kind should probably be avoided as well.

8) Social media which is in any way connected to us or White nationalism or alt.right is monitored. It is also archived, and anything you say on Twitter or Facebook or Gab can come back to bite you years later. Always remember this.

9) Do not threaten people on social media or talk about criminal acts. Just because Soros' people can get away with it doesn't mean we can. Soros employees have that privilege. We do not. I recall the case of the 13 year-old boy in Texas who was sentenced to 8 years in prison for making a joke on Facebook about burning down his school, which an asshole District Attorney with pork fat between his ears and pork feces in his heart called "making terroristic threats."

Avoid Traditional Entrapment Techniques 

1) Even when you think you are in a safe place and among trusted friends, do not talk about illegal activity or allow others to do so in your presence.

The horrific case of the Asheville Six, which I once described on Radio Free Northwest, illustrates how foolish it is to allow others to sit there babbling like brooks about committing crimes and saying nothing. One man babbled, and five men and one woman went to prison. All that would have been necessary would have been for just one of them to say, loudly and clearly into the SBI microphone, "Frank, we are not going to actually DO anything of the kind. Now be quiet!" That one simple sentence would have avoided what? Maybe 30 years cumulative of prison time?

2) Do not allow anyone to persuade you to "hold" anything for them in your home or rent them a storage area in your name to "hold" stuff, especially things like seemingly innocuous household chemicals. "Bomb-making materials."

3) I know this is going to sound prudish, but it is probably best to remove alcohol from all of your political and racial activities, social or otherwise. Alcohol loosens lips, and loose lips sink ships. We will have plenty of time to roll out the barrel and hoist the flowing bowl once we have driven these scum from our land with our clear heads and our courage.

4) Do not allow trusted members of your circle suddenly to appear with a stranger in tow, and lay on you the line that "This is Joe Shmoe, he's a good ole boy like us, totally to be trusted, I vouch for him." Most likely the secret police caught your friend doing something he shouldn't and they have twisted his arm into bringing a $400-a-week man into your group. Check out Joe Shmoe yourself.

 5) Check out everybody yourself as closely as you can. It has always struck me as absurd that someone applying for a job at Wal-mart has to undergo a more thorough background check than someone joining a White nationalist organization.

6) Do not assume that innocence will save you from some kind of attempt to use the law to silence and destroy you. It will not. The men and women trying to hurt you and your family know perfectly well you are innocent. It's not about you. It's about them, their needs, their desires, their agenda. You and your family and your friends are just the raw material they work with to generate money and prestige for themselves.

7) While it has so far been safe to for us discuss revolution in fiction or theory, or as historical observation, this may not hold much longer as our beloved Lords and Ladies become more and more twitchy and start seeing guillotines looming. 

Never discuss or write about any specific, identifiable person or building or institution as a target, or any specific illegal act as to to time, location, etc. Never utter or write anything which remotely resembles a threat to an identifiable, specific individual. Yes, I know the left-scum threaten to murder President Trump all the time on Twitter and nothing is done. We're not them. I repeat: Soros's people have privileges in politically correct society that we do not.

 We live in a world based on lies. Do not be surprised when those who hate all human life attempt to use those lies to hurt you and make you suffer, simply because they can. This is why one day, somehow, we're going to have to find within ourselves the courage and the moral strength to ... well, you know.


Cynthia said...

This article should be titled “Rules for Whites”.
I am not a subscriber to any form of social media. My friends know how to reach me and I see most of them face-to-face on a weekly basis. Why anyone would want “the world” to know every aspect of their daily lives, and the utter waste of time, is incomprehensible to me.
Thank you HAC .

Cynthia said...

This article should be titled “Rules for Whites”.
I am not a subscriber to any form of social media. My friends know how to reach me and I see most of them face-to-face on a weekly basis. Why anyone would want “the world” to know every aspect of their daily lives, and the utter waste of time, is incomprehensible to me.
Thank you HAC .

JBE said...

deep words, and hits to the heart, seen so much happen ov r the years that caused me to take steps back and wait to see that nothing was going to happen because a dumb ass was caught up in something AVOIDABLE

scottjohnson said...

Thank you! Definately worth the time to read, and then read it again. Once again thank you.

Anonymous said...

If you can, also try and find a pdf copy of

"RATS! Your guide to protecting yourself against snitches, informers, informants, agents provocateurs, narcs, finks, and similar vermin
By Claire Wolfe"

I don't know what Wolfe is (could be a commie) and the information in this pdf is dated (pre-Snowden) but the information in it is very useful and good food for thought. Good advice for anyone on the fringes who might get a target on their backs.

Unknown said...

Hi Harold~

Freddie here - you know, this was a good reminder to those who know and a good warning to those who don't.

For those of us who "know" - and I include myself who have spent the last 15 years in the federal gulags surrounded by hapless folk and Folk who have been caught up in the various shenanigans of the Suits, it should always be in the forefront of our minds. THEY never forget, and if you (I) think that "doing well" somehow gives a free pass to the future in the eyes of those who wish our demise.... well, have another dose of whatever it is you're taking.

For those of us who don't, be warned. This is not a game. I am watching a 13 year old kid who thinks that putting signs on people's door a la "go back to africa nigger" is a) productive, b) fun, and c) not going to get his butt in trouble. WRONG. Dead wrong. THEY don't ever forget. Sad, and I don't know of a way to legally/ethically/realistically "save" this young disenfranchised Lad from the grave he is digging for himself (*side note= perhaps a reminder on underage contact is in order, eh? DON'T DO IT!).

The Terrorist Industry has enjoyed a decent period of focusing its attention on the brown skinned folks from africa because they are currently "active" in the minds of our social engineers. Thanks to ISIS, et al, they are a convenient target. Hey Harold, remember the 90s? Anybody else? Guess what Comrades, it wouldn't take much for those eyes to get turned back on us, whoever we believe we are at the time. History repeats itself, and it's only a matter of time before our own disenfranchisement gets to the point where "we" get back into the groove - THEY know this, and we're fools if we think they aren't constantly prepping that Terrorism Propaganda Machine for it.

Thanks for the reminder, Sir.

Richard said...

Wise words,awakened whites would be wise to have two personas one to sustain one's self and family in this corrupted PC society and your genuine self to be true to your beliefs family,and race.

Barney said...

Another point that bears repeating is that it's not about money for it's own sake. Money equals power, and the only way (((they))) know of proving to themselves that they've got that power is to abuse it.

The purpose of torture is torture, the sadistic satisfaction of making people suffer. George Orwell described it as a boot stamping on a Human face forever, and we'd do well to understand that (((the enemy))) is NOT Human in any sense we'd recognise.

(Apologies to anyone who objects to my use of triple brackets, but I believe most people nowadays will understand what that means.)

Hammerheart said...

I don't dispute anything HAC says here.

However, re: being able to stay in touch with your friends (& family etc) without the internet:

I seldom see my under 40 friends--i mean like a few times a year--& the only way we have to stay in touch is digital. (I don't use Facebook, altho it looks like that is going to have to change out of necessity.) The friends with children (babies to small kids), it's simply impossible. Everyone except 1 friend lives in my city or just outside it.
Maybe it's no big deal for middle aged & above people to stay in touch via phone calls & they get to see people "on a weekly basis" just doesn't happen for anyone with a 'normal' job, family responsibilities, a spouse, etc.

I'm not defending or advocating that system, I'm just stating it's a fact.