Friday, March 17, 2017

Taking It Real Again: Part Deux

Okay, this is where we run into the hypocrisy issue. A lot of the advice I have to give you guys involves you not doing certain things that I myself do, or doing things that I myself do not or cannot do, due to factors of my age, my medical situation, my personal situation, and my functional mission within the Movement. There is necessarily a lot of "do as I say, not as I do" in all this.

I am aware of the irony here. I apologize for it, but it is what it is. I would sell my soul to turn back the clock and recover the last 20 years as fully productive ones, but it doesn't work like that. All I can do is try and pass on what I have learned.

We in the White right have become world-class experts in how not to do it, and we have a solid record of 50 years of failure to prove it. A very good rule of thumb for young White people concerned about the ongoing genocide and advancing tyranny of the globalists is to look closely at what we did for all those years and avoid those tactics like the plague, especially street-walking.

However, that doesn't mean that the new technological age is any better. Many of the problems we have today didn't exist twenty years ago, or even ten. The fact is that for all the advantages we have gained through the use of the internet--and they are many--one deleterious unintended consequence is that internet has now virtually replaced physical activity of any kind taking place in the real world. 

In a sense our Movement is like one gigantic game of World of Warcraft. We have created a kind of fantasy world into which Whiteboys of all ages escape as soon as they get off work (if they have any) and can get back to their parents' basements or their shabby rented rooms, wherein they can assume the parts of warrior dwarves, or dragon-riders, or mighty all-knowing wizards. I admit, I find it fun myself. I even get to advise the President himself on my Twitter, although I doubt he ever actually sees my tweets. We didn't get to do that before.

But it's not real, guys. None of it is real. Lavoy Finnicum lying murdered in the snow by the FBI is real. Kate Steinle lying dead on the pavement of San Francisco at the hand of a beaner already deported five times is real. Bill White still rotting in prison for a "crime" the Supreme Court declared not to be a crime almost two years ago, because his legal filings are simply ignored, is real. The crappy rented rooms you live in, your shattered lives or the lives you were never able to start, your inability to find a potential wife and mother for your children who has not been driven insane, the lost years of the Clintons and Jug-ears and Obama, these things are real. 

You can't make up for all these things by playing with an electronic gizmo and living in a fantasy world that involves escaping reality and not confronting it and overcoming it.

We have to somehow re-acquire the habits we once had of doing things that do not involve keyboards, electronic screens, websites, podcasts, YouTubes, smartphones, or "devices" in general. We must learn once again to interface and interact with human beings, not machines. Just because I am now forced to rely entirely too much on these things out of age and poverty and 50-11 other factors doesn't mean you have to be the same.

Do as I say, not as I do. No, really--you can't find a better expert than me on how not to do it. I've been watching us fail for two generations now.

More to come ...

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