Saturday, March 02, 2002

PALESTINIAN RESISTANCE FIGHTERS STRIKE BACK - The latest deep Israeli army incursions into the Palestinian refugee camps are being met with fierce house to house resistance, which has thus far resulted in two dead Israeli soldiers, a dead police detective, and a number of Israeli wounded. Seems the Jews ain't so tough when they have to come out from behind their tanks. They seem to be using the Palestinians as human shields. The Palestinian casualties in Balata and Jenin are appalling, at least 30 killed in the past 48 hours, including a number of children. That's what happens when the Jew murderers simply fire indiscriminately into heavily populated buildings and streets, which is what they appear to be doing. But every single "most wanted" militant on the Israeli hit list (the ostensible excuse for this latest invasion) has escaped. In addition, a car bomb went off in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem tonight, killing at least nine Jews and giving those murdering bastards a dose of their own medicine.

The days when the Jews can simply swagger into Palestinian territory and murder whomever they want with impunity seem to be coming to an end. The Palestinians are growing into true guerrilla fighters, and every week it becomes apparent that they will eventually drive out by force of arms the rabid Jew dogs who stole their land.

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