Sunday, March 03, 2002


Dear Harold,

Why do you think a lot of your e-mail recipients hide behind their e-mail addresses? I have pondered this question myself and can only come to the conclusion they are all frightened little mice whose "National Socialism", or however they describe their political outlook, is merely an accessory or adornment. It is a sham and an insult to the true fighters who give and have given their lives for an idea.

I willingly gave you my domicile address without a second thought. What is going to happen to me? Are you going to despatch assassins from the other side of the Atlantic (I am British living in England) and have me wiped out? Such thoughts are of those suffering from a serious mental disorder involving chronic paranoia. Other than that, they may just be pathetic, timid people who prefer play-acting behind locked doors, terrified of the real thing.

We have this problem in England, which is why nothing of any substance ever gets done ... never mind off the ground. They are hobbyists, weekend "soldiers" or useless people trying to make themselves thought of as important within their particular group. They hate other people seriously having a go at things and making some headway. They attack them surreptitiously because they envy the fighter's courage. They are also liars, braggers and blaggards.

This haven of anonymity so conveniently nurtured by the Internet has become a way of life for so many without their realising that it can only result in paralysis of this meaningless generic term, "The Movement".

It is not the enemy that will defeat us ... but the gutlessness of our own people. And I am not sure that they are "our people" anymore. I shall be sending you a copy of LEAGUE SENTINEL in which you will find an article penned by me on the subject of defeatism. Defeatism is like death itself without the heroism of a worthwhile death. It just wastes away the soul.

Never give up, Harold, and be like that Roman soldier described on the last page of Spengler's "Man and Technics"... who "died at his post because they forgot to relieve him"

"The honourable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man".One can expect rather too much of other people and that can sometimes be disheartening.

Keep the Faith.

With best wishes,
Robert Edwards

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