Sunday, March 31, 2002


Dear HC,

I heard a brief mention on a live Fox News broadcast yesterday that five guards were killed inside Arafat's office building. Three of the guards had shots to the head. apparently they were finished off probably after being severely wounded by the shelling of Arafat's building.

Israeli representatives are claiming that they don't want to kill Arafat. I suppose blowing up his building is their idea of a non-violent hint. If anything, the Israelis don't seem to care if Arafat lives or dies, otherwise they wouldn't have attacked his building more than once in the last few months. One newsman was bold enough to ask "What about those security guards... did you mean to kill them?" I guess in the world of the Jews, the lives of little people aren't even worth mentioning.

It looks like at least 12 more Israelis have been killed in the latest bombing in Haifa. You wonder if the Jews will resort to 100% racial segregation to solve their ongoing problem. (I wouldn't be surprised if the Jews flew in Filipinos to do all the manual work in Israel to replace the Palestinians.)

Of course, the Jews just had to steal key Biblical territory in a densely populated part of the world. The island of Madagascar was much less densely populated and would have been infinitely better for them as a homeland. I suppose they would never have been happy that far from Europe. They wouldn't be able to monitor their puppets running the democracies in Europe as closely. I suspect that they chose Israel partly to insure a hefty profit from tourism every year. Too bad the little ongoing war has ruined their tourism industry.

C. C.

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