Wednesday, March 27, 2002


You know, I've noticed down through the years that one mark of a government sting or provocation masquerading as "terrorism" is that it is always a once-off deal. The "terrorist group" that claims responsibility, if any, never seems to follow through. Oklahoma City is a good example of this. If it was really the work of some shadowy underground militia or whatever, why were there never any more attacks?

Same thing with 9/11. Why haven't there been any more attacks other than that silly anthrax mailing? (Which, by the by, appears to have been the work of a disgruntled Jew scientist from Fort Detrick, Maryland who was trying to implicate a former Egyptian co-worker. Notice how that whole incident has dropped out of sight?) Where exactly are all these secret Al-Qaeda cells that are supposed to be living among us? You know, the ones we had to give up what little remains of our Constitutional freedoms for? I don't think anyone is so dumb as to believe the FBI or Office of Homeland Security has arrested them all...the FBI couldn't find the men's room without a wiretap or an informer, and even then they'd have to offer him the Witness Protection Program.

More and more, 9/11 is acquiring a distinct odor of fish.

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