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April 20th, 2002

On Saturday, April 20th, National Socialists and racial nationalists the world over will once again gather as they always do to celebrate the birth of the Führer Adolf Hitler. Many of these assemblies will of necessity take place in secret, due to the relentless persecution of an establishment which still fears Hitler's legacy 57 years after his death. Many a private party in homes and the back dining rooms of restaurants, in forests and in out of the way locations, will have a secret and joyful purpose. Every year it happens, and every year there are more of us.

To be honest, the past few Führertags haven't been very uplifting. These have been depressing and profitless times, as the last tattered remnants of the old and failed Movement of the post-1945 era flop and splatter and bleed the last of their thin, senile blood in their death throes. There's nothing left of that time any more. It's all gone, and frankly, good riddance. The Racially Conscious Community haven't had much to be upbeat about recently, and that's a fact.

But things are changing. I am actually much more optimistic than I have been for many years. This April 20th, I believe I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time, there is at least a ray or two of hope. Those rays of hope are glimmering in the Pacific Northwest.

Slowly but surely, you are beginning to respond. I can finally see the glacier move. The message I have been hammering home for the past eighteen months is finally sinking in. The writing is on the wall and at long last, you folks seem to be reading it. In the past few months I have seen a number of indications that finally, at the eleventh hour, White people in the Racially Conscious Community are starting to wrap their minds around the idea of a sovereign, independent Aryan nation on the North American continent as the only way forward to racial and cultural survival. The Northwest message is starting to fall on fertile ground, as the need for an Ingathering of the Folk into a new Homeland becomes understood and accepted. I have received the ultimate confirmation of this in the form of at least four White families to my knowledge and maybe more, who have immigrated into the Homeland. Every envelope I get with a Washington or Idaho postmark instead of Pittburgh or Georgia is a vindication. I know there will be many more. It is beginning.
The birthday of National Socialism's founding genius seems to me to be an appropriate time for me to address something that has come up recently, as the time for my own Homecoming draws near. I refer to the accusation that I have in some manner betrayed true National Socialism by becoming an advocate of a new nation for our people in the Northwest, a Homeland for all White people regardless of their personal, political, or religious views.

In the minds of the purists (and we do still have a few left, Lord love ‘em!) this betrayal consists of three sins of omission: 1) My failure to spangle all my literature with Swastikas and portraits of the Führer; 2) My failure to disport myself in public wearing a Third Reich-ish costume and my refusal to engage in infantile publicity stunts which cause National Socialism to appear ridiculous to the general public; and 3) My decision some time ago to abandon any pretense at reviving a formal party which eventually even I had to realize that no one beyond a minuscule handful ever really wanted. In short, I insist on at least trying to live in the real world, making me virtually unique among White racial nationalist advocates. (I no longer refer to myself or anyone else as a leader. We have no leaders.)

This is neither the time nor the place to re-hash the very old argument as to when the historical symbols of National Socialism are appropriate for display and when they are not. I not only have heard all of these arguments, I wrote most of them. For many years, I myself and many others tried the “orthodox” approach and the results were...hell, the results were dismal, and we all know it. Nor has anyone else had any greater success. The simple fact is that while the ideal of National Socialism is eternal and applicable wherever White people are found, the political terminology and outward manifestations of National Socialism from the 1930s by and large simply don't translate into the context of modern day America. This is not 1932, this is not Germany, and Middle Americans are not Europeans. It has taken me almost thirty years to internalize this simple and obvious truth, so great was my love and admiration for the Führer and the Reich. I speak as one who has spent most of his life trying to perform that very transmutation. It didn’t work, and it will never work. Does this admission of a simple fact of life in any way make me a “traitor” to National Socialism? There are those who believe it does.

We simply cannot afford to wallow in nostalgia any more. Letting our race perish is hardly the way in which to honor Adolf Hitler. Insofar as we have historical examples to follow, we must look in a very limited manner to the Ireland of 1916-1923 and the creation of the Zionist state of Israel, and we had best be very leery of carrying even those parallels too far.

We come now to a very pertinent topic. If Adolf Hitler were here today, once he understood the situation in which we presently find ourselves in this country, and once he had a clear idea of what little we have remaining to work with in the realm of human and financial resources, what then would he advise us to do? Continue with the status quo, scattered and powerless and inchoate and utterly unable to defend the few remaining liberties we once had? Or would he advise us to come together and form a modern version of the old Teutonic shield-wall, standing side by side instead of hiding behind the screens of personal computers? National Socialism is first and foremost about race, the Aryan race specifically. The survival and improvement of the Aryan race must be the first concern of all who call themselves National Socialists. This is not an ideological point. It is the very basis of the National Socialist world view. It is a practical problem, and Adolf Hitler was probably the world's greatest pragmatist as well as being one of history's most notable idealists, a combination seldom found in the course of human events. How would this greatest master of realpolitik in the annals of our civilization respond to the crisis which confronts us today?

I am completely convinced that if the Führer were present in 2002 America, he would be the very first to urge us to adapt to the conditions of the 21st century rather than to look back at the heroic time of the 1930s and 40s. The geopolitical dynamic of our time is globalization and the efforts of the world's many peoples to resist that soul-destroying economic and cultural juggernaut. So far small nations like Serbia and Palestine and Rhodesia have had little success in beating back the the combined and merciless onslaught of Money, Murder, and McDonalds. But that does not mean that the struggle cannot be won, when eventually the New World Order overreaches itself. The dynamic of the 21st century will also be expressed as the ancient one of God versus Man, of material things versus the things of the spirit. This struggle is presently being led by the forces of militant Islam, and for all my respect for the valiant and fierce Palestinians, we cannot in all honor allow non-Whites to monopolize the side of the Light. National Socialism must join and then take command of the struggle against Darkness of Zion which will be this coming century's leitmotif.

The iron laws of evolution dictate that a species under threat must adapt or die. Through our own failure to adapt, we risk condemning our Folk to horrible death and genetic extinction. We can no longer afford the endless debate and introspection which has occupied us all for the past thirty years as we have desperately sought some way to have our cake and eat it too, to preserve our race and our civilization while never incurring any personal risk or inconvenience. We have before us a magnificent prospect, a land watered with the noblest martyred blood of both Aryan man and woman, Bob Mathews and Vicky Weaver. We are confronted with an unspeakable crime against all decency in the theft and destruction of Pastor Richard Butler's longtime home by the yellow dog Morris Dees, a crime which we cannot allow to remain unanswered and still call ourselves men. Were he here today, the Führer Adolf Hitler would understand this.

But he is here today. On the morning when I get into my battered car and head out on Highway 6 for the Homeland, I will not just be following our ancestors who went before me, taking months in their wagons to cross the distance that I will cover in four days. I will be following the path that my Führer has pointed out to me in my heart and my mind. In serving the survival of our Folk in the coming Northwest Republic, we are serving the legacy of Adolf Hitler.


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