Thursday, February 15, 2007

Holocaust Denial

From: "National Journal"
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007
1:12 PM
Subject: Holo-Denyer convicts "holo-denyer"

Mannheim (Germany) February 15, 2007: Judge Ulrich Meinerzhagen imposed a five year prison term on historian,researcher and human rights activist Ernst Zündel for holocaust-denial.

Judge Ulrich Meinerzhagen, who deprived Ernst Zündel from his basic humanrights to defend himself with documentary and forensic evidence, posedduringthe hearings as a holo-denyer himself according to the holocaust-denial-definition of the German peresution machinery:

On trial-day January 12, 2007 Meinerzhagen conceded with regret that noforensic reports existed to prove the holocaust gas chambers.On trial-day February 2, 2007 Meinerzhagen declared that the precise numbers of holo-victims could never be established.

On trial-day February 9, 2007 Meinerzhagen declared that the holo-victimswould amount to one million.On trial-day February 9, 2007 Meinerzhagen confirmed that in cases underpara130 of the German penal code (holo-denial) evidence in favour of thedefendantwas not permitted ("Beweisverbot").Ernst Zündel himself commissioned the fist forensic report on the so-calledgas chambers of Auschwitz and Majdanek - later known as the Leuchter-Report.Thus, when Zündel claimed, that no gas chambers for mass extermination inAuschwitz ever existed, he referred to forensic evidence.Despite the fact that the court could not provide any forensic expertise,proving that the so-called gas chambers existed, judge Meinerzhagen refusedtoallow The Leuchter-Report to to back Zündel's arguments as evidence.Depite the fact that judge Meinerzhagen claimed that the total holo-victimswould amount to one million (omitting five million, or deny five million)andthat the real numbers of victims could never be established anyway, heconvicted Ernst Zündel for minimizing and denying the holocaust ... GermanDemocratic Justice, unique in the world!

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