Wednesday, July 17, 2002

R.I.P. WHITESPEAK: December 1999 - July 2002

It is ironic that I am compelled to publish this obituary for a Yahoo Group pulled offline by liberal and Zionist censorship on a second weblog, since the original Thoughtcrime web site seems to have been disabled from publishing. An interesting twist on censorship; the blog is still there, I just can't update it.

The Whitespeak E-Group appears to have been taken off line by Yahoo; it no longer appears in "My Groups." As moderator I was given no warning and no explanation by Yahoo. The group is simply gone.

Whitespeak was the longest-running Aryan racial e-group, having been established in December of 1999. It was originally intended to provide a sane and moderated substitute for the madness of Usenet, although for a long time it had not really been used for very much except the typical rite-wing habit of re-posting endless news clippings and articles moaning about how bad things are, "Oh, look what they're doing to us now, boo hoo hoo..."

What's ironic is that Whitespeak wasn't really all that racist, due to the large numbers of establishment media articles that were re-posted. The "n" word was used much less frequently than you might imagine. It was certainly no more racist than it had been for the past two years or so. I suspect this act of censorship has a great deal to do with the extensive criticism of Israel whichwas being posted on the group in recent months. It is possible that Northwest Net will follow Whitespeak down the Memory Hole at any moment. In that event, we will have to use alternate means of Internet communication.You might want to check the website on a regular basis, at least until that gets pulled down as well for its politically incorrect content.

This is a clear warning. I have been predicting a major attempt to drive us off the Internet for some time and the loss of Whitespeak may well be the beginning. It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for me to have your MAILING ADDRESS for my Covington reprints and postal bulletins, because in a very short time we may not be able to communicate except in the "old fashioned way", by paper and envelope and stamp.

Send that mailing address to


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