Monday, July 01, 2002


Do you people see what is happening? OUR land is overrun with parasitic invaders, and we do nothing. The highest court in the land says that "One nation, under God" is unconstitutional, and we complain about it at our lunch breaks. Your tax dollars pay for Haitian, Mexican, Serbain, Indian, Israeli, Asian, and Arab people to come here and exploit this country, and we get online and cry.

In the early 1900's, this country was a blossoming world. We said "give us your tired, your poor, ect". Millions of immigrants came to this country and, with little or no government aid, made lives for themselves. They loved America, they cried at the sight of lady liberty. I know, my grandfather was one of them, from Ireland. My great-grandmother from Germany. That was then.

This is now, and we have our own damn tired and poor and hungry. The invitation has expired. Today's immigrants do not love America, they wish to exploit it. And we sit idlely by and watch. We watch the Mexicans jump the border. We watch the Haitians wait for the postman to bring them their free money, OUR TAX MONEY. We watch hard working Americans struggle, and we watch the government care more about the starving little kids in Africa and the idiots that kill each other in Bosnia.

It is time, fellow Americans, to do something. We all have a voice, and in numbers we have a strong, loud voice. If we make enough noise, someone has to respond. There are those who feel that white pride is racist, but ignore them. We allow blacks, Mexicans, and who ever the hell else to have there pride. We televise the black and Latino awards. We have black month and minority organizations. They can do what they do without being labled a racist. We should as well.

If hatemongers like Louis Farachan (or however he spells it) can organize a million man march, we should at least be able to organize a proud, white, unified voice.

This is not a call to violence or a racist plea, it is a call to action, it is an issue of PRIDE.

Please, email me @ Homme_de_fer_1916@y... We need to organize our voice.

It is time to make some noise!!!

[No, actually it is time we created our own country. The present power structure simply ignores "noise". But at least this comrade does have one basic idea right...that the problem must be SOLVED, not just STATED. - HAC]

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