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PPP - Permanent Physical Presence

[Excerpted from NF Bulletin #13, February 2018]

Or PPPP if you like—Permanent Physical Presence through Professionalization. Yeah, still on that kick. I will be for a long time, until we achieve it.

 I have long been accused of having an Edifice Complex, which I suppose in a way I do. I am one of the few guys still around who remembers the pre-internet days, and who can tell you that yes, as many, many problems as we had, in many respects things were better done back then. We really do need to go Back To The Future.

Everyone seems to think I’m determined to set up some big huge National Alliance or Hayden Lake-style compound so far out in the boonies you have to hire a sherpa guide to find the place, so I can live on top of a mountain and think Great Thoughts, but that’s not it. I’ve been using the term “stable and secure work station” and that’s certainly what we need, but I think I’ve found a better, more big-picture type way to explain what I’m talking about. 

The eventual goal of the Party must be to establish a permanent physical presence of some kind in every Northwest community. Almost like the old union halls, there needs to be some place in any Northwest locality of any size or significance where the Tricolor flag flies in the sky. That is to say a known and visible off-internet, real-world presence consisting of tangible things and real live human beings, men whose names and faces are known in that community.

Not web sites. Not e-mail addresses. Not Twitter accounts with Japanese animé avatars wherein pale males use female screen names and pose as women, a pathology which has always baffled me. In other words, the Northwest Front has to stop hiding like all White nationalists have been doing for the past twenty years.

That is a damned tall order. It will require the two things we have been unable to accumulate any where near enough of: money and Class A bodies. 

Now, I'm going to say some things here that will get people upset. Again. Things that we all know in our hearts are true, but which you really, really don’t want to be reminded of. Guys, I’m sorry. Truly I am. I don’t enjoy making you angry and depressed, but somebody has to say these things, because we cannot, dare not build a Northwest independence movement on anything but the coldest and most unpleasant and unpalatable of truth. We’ve been trying to build something on the internet out of our racist equivalent of flowers and puppies, so we can all feel good about ourselves. We have been doing that for years, ever since the internet came along, and it hasn’t worked worth a damn. In God’s name, we must stop doing things that don’t work!

Ever since we discovered the internet in the mid-1990s, we have been trying to use it as a substitute for reality. As the tech has improved up to and including YouTube, CGI animation, and the chans, we have actually tried to create our own virtual alternate reality as a form of escape from the cruel and hideous real world in which we are forced to live. 

I get that. The world Bill and Hill and George Soros has created really, really sucks. I hate living in it and I find ways to escape now and then as well, but I know I always have to come back and fight. 

Some of you don’t seem to grasp that. Don’t get me wrong: internet can be a powerful tool, the only mass media that we have access to, and despite my nostalgia, nobody is saying we go back to nothing but paper and postage stamp. Even I’m not that much of a Luddite.  But we need to confront and internalize exactly where we are now, and why we can’t stay there.

The White Nationalist and White separatist movements right now includes the Northwest Front, the alt.right, the alt.lite, the Richard Spencer cult, the sincere but discombobulated like Atomwaffen and the Siege fanboys, all the variegated Jewish and kosher conservative and libtard YouTube media entrepreneurs and self-publishers like Stephen Molyneux and Alex Jones and Louder with Crowder—you know, “us.” Basically, thousands of people who are essentially hiding while they post stuff to the internet to try and annoy the enemy and holler “Look at me! Look at me!” so long as what everybody’s looking at is an anime cartoon avatar and a false screen name

They’re hiding because there is no professionalism at all in our Movement, and they’re terrified of being doxxed and losing everything they have when the Soros rent-a-mob comes calling, either by phone or television camera or in person. And yes, this fear, while paranoid and much exaggerated, is not entirely groundless. It’s like when alligators attack. It happens a lot less than we fear in our panic, but yes, it does happen. 

[Redacted; this section probably shouldn't be public.]

... I understand why with so many of us, our first concern in our racial involvement is to hide. You are not being unreasonable when you seek to do so—but guys, it’s something we have to move past, at least some of us. You can’t win a war without eventually coming out and facing down the enemy. We don’t have the collective balls for that yet, but we need to start preparing and moving in that direction.

[Next several paragraphs redacted.]

It used to be back in the day, back in North Carolina and the South in general, that Klan and other racial groups had a lot of members who owned property, usually rural property, on which the groups could get together and rally in safety, because they controlled who got in and ran their own armed security. When antifa protestors understand they’re going to be facing us directly without an intervening screen of police to protect them, they suddenly decide to stay home that weekend and play with their own electronic devices. They remember Greensboro, even if we don’t.

We don’t have people like that any more, because 

A) over the years our people and White people in general have become so dirt poor, with the exception of a small few like Richard Spencer who comes from the one percent, and Alex Jones who has successfully built up his media empire on selling vitamins and survival foods and all that stuff he peddles. 

B) The few people we do have who still own any property are too timid and frightened to let right wing or racial groups use it for meetings, for fear the bad bad slimy things in black will show up and scream and holler and wave sticks in the air and act all scary. And again, it can’t be denied that’s a possibility. The threat is real; we must recover enough of our ancient manhood to stand up to it, and if necessary take a few literal and figurative punches. Then we must punch back and break their noses.

[Comments on the current state of White manhood, if you want to call it that, redacted.]

And that is what the Northwest Front has to provide, or at least something that looks like it, so we can get that beta Whiteboy's skull opened and start tinkering under the hood to get him re-programmed, uninstall all the liberal crap and get his spiritual and moral software back to his factory-issue V 2.0, so to speak. And we have to do it within some foreseeable future. We’re moving forward, no doubt about it, but we have to pick up the molasses-in-wintertime pace.

Americans are what they are, and I have learned the hard way over many years that they won’t change. They want to see something tangible and material. They want to see some sign that there is money present; every chromosome in their carcasses has been conditioned to seek out the shekels. There doesn’t even have to be any real money involved, it just has to look like it. Remember Jim Bakker and the Reverend Ike? The appearance of it is enough. Americans don’t mind being taken for a ride if it’s an entertaining one and it doesn’t fleece them too badly.

Let me tell you who will finally be the “winner” in what I suppose you might call the alt.right stakes, this little contest we seem to be running here. The “winner” will be the group or the prominent personality who can accomplish the following: 

He or they must establish an open public presence in a populated  area, not so far out in the sticks you have to be Daniel Boone to find the place. A rural compound can have many advantages, but if you're serious in your politics you have to go where the people are. 

The Northwest Front must not be perceived as running away from our own people. We must run to them. I really don’t want the Northwest Front to re-create the National Alliance, although if anybody ever does step up and offer us some rural land out in Idaho or wherever, I would have to look at it, because we need to move forward so badly. I’m after Franklin Road, not Hayden Lake, for those of you old enough to get that allusion. The Party needs to be in the cities and towns, because that’s where the people are and that is where the battle for freedom will be fought.

I find it’s best to avoid the use of the antiquated and imprecise term “headquarters,” so let me put it this way: there must be a public presence in the form of some kind of facility wherein mail is delivered to the racial nationalist group at a physical street address, not a post office box or a “suite” in some UPS Store or private mail box center. Interested Whites must be able to go to this address and find people, actual human beings from that organization, ready and willing to talk to them, explain things, and answer questions. 

These people ideally should be young, physically fit, neatly dressed and clearly competent White men. Hair neither too long nor too short. [Comments on what they should NOT be redacted. No need to get all the Millennials butthurt and sulky.]

These young men must be clearly able to handle themselves, and so they will have to. They must maintain the facility securely and vigorously against the violence and hatred of antifa and other left-loons. There must be a legal team to fight against attempts to abuse the civil law to shut down the facility and deny the White community a voice and a visible rallying point, which will certainly be made. 

(One reason they have always targeted our buildings is they know how dangerous it is for White people to have some place to go, like the niggers use their churches. Our churches were co-opted and stolen from us generations ago. White people must always be alone, with no one to talk to about forbidden matters.) 

What the White man or woman who drives to this address and meets with these polite, knowledgeable and clearly squared-away normal people must take away from the experience is this: 

“Here they are, at long last! Here are the White people who are not afraid like I always am! All my life these scum have made me afraid, forced me to comply with their will through fear of violence, taken my money in the form of taxation while the feminist bitches at work have ruined any chance I ever had of breaking through the diversity ceiling. Every time I turn on the TV I see screeching harpies and monkey-faces and queers accusing me of being the source of all the evil in the world because of my White skin and my dick, and always the looming threat of their violence and their punishment if I don’t say and think exactly as they want me to. They will punish me if I just have something they want, and take it from me. These people have destroyed any chance I ever had of happiness, and I have done nothing, because I am so afraid. 

“I don’t know how to be brave and stand up to them, but here at this address, here are the White people who remember. Here at long last are the White people who are not afraid. Here at long last are the White people who do not hang their heads and shuffle their feet and hide when the filthy mob begins to scream out their threats. I will help and support these people with everything I have, because when I am in their presence I too begin to feel brave, to understand that change is possible.”

The first outfit that can produce this scenario--the first of us to come out of hiding in 20 years--will end up on the top of our wee little Movement heap. We need to make sure that whoever does win this apparently petty Big Fish In A Small Pond contest are the right people, the real deal. We need to make sure it’s the Northwest Front.

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