Monday, August 28, 2017

Actual E-Mail Received As Blog Comment

Since the day HAC predicted about the internet is upon us, we will be forced to going back to using the telephone and postal systems to communicate. It’s now more important than ever for “us” to organize with actual telephone #’s and postal mailing addresses.

The Stormfronters and Daily Stormers ain’t laughing now at the NF and HAC for producing and mailing CD’s and actual paper publications. I believe the NF is the only group that regularly mails out an actual quality, decent sized, printed magazine. The darkweb Daily Stormer site, which they have been relegated to, has announced they are taking steps to publish a weekly printed version of its material. So far though, they are just at the stage of putting together a printable file version, that you must still be able to go on the internet to download. Nowhere near having an actual postal mail magazine subscription like the NF.

The USA government invented the internet. It has gradually privatized and internationalized it over the past couple of decades. But it was only less than a year ago, in the last few months of the Obongo regime, that in Oct. 2016 Obongo gave up the last vestiges of US government control and regulation of the internet.

This was the next to the top layer of the internet, the domain name registrar system. So now who is even allowed to register a domain name, such as  in America is in the hands of a handful of giant international corporations. The recent event was the excuse they were waiting for to begin the purge.

This is going beyond getting banned by Paypal, or losing your webhost, which is bad enough. Now registrars like GoDaddy or Google can just confiscate the very name of your website, putting it on permanent “hold,”,  neither you nor anyone else can use it ever again.

At the same time, the internet security companies are joining in on the purge. Cloudflare and other internet security providers are banning “us.” So we don’t even have the right to pay for internet security.

Will “they” be allowed to go even further? The only layer left above banning people from registering domains, is the actual telephone and cable companies. They are supposedly still government regulated utilities and you will see these little government fees and taxes on your bill if you study it. But what if ATT, Comcast, etc. are allowed to start closing our accounts and seizing our telephone numbers, for “hate speech” and “terrorism”?

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